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Can I Get A DUI If I Wasn’t Over The Legal Limit?

DUI charges can be a real pain. More often than not, we find ourselves in situations where we are tempted to drive even though we are intoxicated. ‘DUI’ refers to driving under the influence. Usually, one is charged with a DUI when the police catch them driving under the influence. It is considered a serious offense nowadays due to the possible ramifications of driving under the influence. DUI is a major cause of road accidents. Alcohol tends to make people overconfident, and they usually do not hesitate to jump behind the wheel in an intoxicated state. It can not only put your own life in harm’s way but also the lives of others. However, we are all humans, and sometimes, we do make mistakes. Fighting DUI charges can be a draining process. Moreover, the seriousness of DUI charges can vary from city to city or state to state. For instance, fighting DUI charges in Seattle will be a completely different experience from fighting the same in Washington DC. The consequences of a DUI charge vary according to the laws in that particular state and the context of the charge.


Consequences of a DUI charge


A DUI charge that sticks can have short-term consequences as well as long-term consequences. Short-term consequences involve suspension of driving license, community service, mandatory participation in DUI awareness programs, and even short periods of jail time. However, a DUI charge can also have serious long-term consequences that can ruin lives. To begin with, if you do get jail time, it will go on your permanent record and will show up in background checks. Your work can take a backseat due to all the hassles involved in fighting a DUI charge. Jail time, community service, court dates, etc. can have quite a negative effect on your employment status. It may also become a cause for your employer to give you the pink slip. Thus, it is better than a DUI charge, which is to be avoided at all costs. If you’re already stuck with one, it’s best to lawyer up quickly and face it head-on.


Can I get a DUI if I wasn’t over the legal limit?


The spirit of law regarding DUI guidelines revolves around a single purpose – to prevent accidents due to people driving while not in a condition to drive. Even if you’re under the legal BAC limit, you can be charged and face the consequences such as community service, jail time, or fines. It all depends on whether the legal system deems you to be impaired or not. If the officers who stop you argue in court that your behavior was characteristic of someone under the influence, and you were not fit to drive at that particular time, DUI charges can stick. However, the chances of police officers arresting you even if you’re well under the legal limit are low. Yet, that does not mean it cannot happen.


To avoid being stuck with a DUI charge, it is better that you opt for ignition interlock devices that prevent the engine from igniting if you do not pass the breathalyzer test. If you decide to get drunk, it’s better to have a friend or family member pick you up, or book an Uber. It’s better to not take a chance.