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Choosing The Right Window Treatment For Your Home

Choosing a window treatment option for your home might seem straightforward, but in reality, making a decision can be quite overwhelming. This is because there are lots of options to choose from, which makes it difficult to conclude when choosing window treatments. This is why a lot of people prefer to hire the best window treatment company in Orlando – Blinds By Design, for their window treatment. This way they don’t have to stress over which treatment method to go for. 

Meanwhile, if you plan on doing your window treatments yourself or you just want to know your options, here are some window treatment types to pick from.

Types of Window Treatments


Curtains are usually made from lightweight or sheer material, and they come in a variety of styles. They can be used in almost all parts of the house such as the kitchen, bedroom, and even in the living room. They are one of the most popular window treatments available on the market right now. 


Drapes are typically made from velvet, silk, cotton, polyester, and linen. They are thicker and heavier curtains, which are usually layered with additional lining. This makes them perfect for blocking out light from the window.


Blinds are usually made from wood, vinyl, metal, or bamboo. They are made from hard materials and feature individual slats. They are good for light control. Their horizontal slats or vanes help control the amount of sunlight let in.


Shades and blinds are mostly mistaken for each other, however, shades are made from softer materials than those used for blinds. They are usually made from polyester, linen, cotton, or vinyl. They are more of a classic design choice than blinds and are available in a wide variety of types.


Valances are window treatments that can be combined with curtains, drapes, blinds, and shades. They are mainly meant to act as decorative conceals that hide the curtain rods.


Now that you know some of the available window treatments, it makes it easier to decide on which to choose. Bear in mind that these window treatments can be mixed in a number of ways to create a more beautiful window treatment. However, when choosing a window treatment, there are other factors to consider other than the type of treatment. 

Below are some factors to consider when choosing a window treatment.

The Purpose of the Window Treatment

Different window treatments serve different purposes, as they are all made out of different materials. When choosing a window treatment, your selection has to be specific. It has to be based on the purpose you want it to serve.

Window Size and Shape

The window size and shape are other determinants of the type of window treatments you can choose. Window shapes are mostly rectangular, arched, circular, and bay. When choosing a window treatment, you have to consider how the window treatment will fit the window based on its size and shape. 

The Available Window Treatment Options and the Desired Result

There are many types and materials of window treatments to choose from. The material choice you go with depends on the desired result. 

How to Clean the Window Treatments

Knowing how to clean the window treatments you wish to use is important, and should also influence your decision on choosing a window treatment. This saves you a lot of stress when you’ve finally installed the treatment, as cleaning some types of window treatments can be exhausting.