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How Can a U.S. Citizen Help their Foreign Spouse Become an American Citizen?

As an American citizen, you have the capability to help your spouse become an American citizen in a few different ways. By taking the time to understand what options are available to you, you can figure out which approach you want to take in order to bring your spouse into the country for good. Today the two best options available to a United States citizen looking to bring a foreign spouse into the country legally are the IR1 and CR1 visas. 


How Do the IR1 and CR1 Visas Work?

Both of these immigration visas perform the same job. They allow a foreign spouse to become a permanent citizen of the United States by way of marriage. They work a bit differently from one another, and there are different considerations that must be made depending on the visa you use. Fortunately, you do not have to decide between the two visas, the circumstances surrounding your marriage will do the deciding for you. 


What is the Difference Between the IR1 and CR1 Visas?

The major difference between these two visas is that a spouse that uses the IR1 visa in order to obtain citizenship will have to prove they did not marry their spouse just to become a legal citizen. With a CR1 visa, this step can be skipped over. 


The IR1 visa is necessary if you and your spouse have been together for less than two years. This visa grants the foreign spouse the right to legally live in the country for two years. During that time, the spouse must prove that they aren’t marrying just to obtain citizenship. A CR1 visa is available to a foreign spouse that has been married to a U.S. citizen for longer than two years. This visa makes it possible to become a U.S. citizen very soon after moving to America. There is also no mandate to prove that the marriage was solely for obtaining a Green Card. 


Why it’s Advisable to Work with an Immigration Lawyer When Bringing a Spouse to the US

Even though it seems like a straightforward process to help your spouse become a U.S. citizen legally, all the steps must be completed precisely in order to have success. There’s plenty of paperwork to be done, fees to be paid, and in some instances meetings that must be had in order for a foreign spouse to become a U.S. citizen. Without a Lawyer for immigration in Las Vegas it will be more difficult to make it through the process successfully. A good attorney can explain the steps and give you the tools you need to effectively help your spouse become a U.S. citizen. 


Whether you plan on using the IR1 visa or the CR1 visa, you should consider working with an attorney to help you successfully use these programs for the benefit of your spouse. With help from an attorney, you’ll have a clear outline of steps to follow and you’ll have access to guidance if you are confronted by an unexpected issue.