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How To Recognize When You Need A Parenting Plan?

Separation or divorce can be an emotionally draining period. The process gets even more complex when you have kids. A parenting plan is a legal child custody agreement that includes a detailed plan about the upbringing of a minor child. It also helps the parents to understand their responsibilities better and ensures that the child doesn’t have to bear the consequences of the divorce. It is a mutually agreed decision but can be one-sided if one parent is unfit to take care of the child. Creating a parenting plan will not only be beneficial for your child but will also prevent unwanted clashes between the separated couple. Parents who get divorce with each other on mutual terms may not require a parenting plan. If you are unsure of what steps to take next, take advice by Whitney S. Boan, P.A. can be very helpful. Here are some of the reasons why you need a parenting plan. 


You Can Make Decisions That Are Best For Your Child


Staying away from your child can be stressful, and having a parenting plan will give you much-needed assurance that your child is in safe hands. A parenting plan will ensure that your child’s needs are properly taken care of. It is a child custody plan that states with whom the child will live primarily, who will make decisions regarding the child’s life, a definitive schedule for visiting the other parent, and other important issues.


You Can Make Healthy Discussions


It is necessary for a child to be able to spend time with both parents. A comprehensive parenting plan will ensure that you both get adequate time to take care of your child. Whether it is deciding on how much time the kid spends with each parent or deciding on an annual vacation, having a parenting plan will be helpful in all these instances. A parenting plan will also include how your child will transition from house to house, what happens if they are sick, how you and your former partner will make important decisions for the kid and how the child will communicate with the other parent with whom they’re not living. 


You Can Stay Assured About The Safety Of Your Child


A parenting plan will also include what happens if either parent becomes unfit to take care of the child. Not following a parenting plan which is acquitted by the law can result in a fine or punishment. This will ensure that your child stays safe. 


Why Choose by Whitney S. Boan, P.A.?


Whitney S. Boan is a dedicated and experienced lawyer who has expertise in various legal procedures. She understands her client’s needs to map down a suitable plan and represent the case in court with the best strategies. She understands the dynamics and complexities of divorce and child custody cases and offers advice on what’s best for you and your child’s welfare. If you need help in parenting matters or developing a parenting plan we can offer you the best assistance.