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Insuring Your Belongings for a Move

Moving is a stressful and time-consuming activity, and there’s always something unexpected that happens during the process. This is why it’s important to plan for any eventualities and protect yourself effectively. The best way to do that before a move is to purchase moving insurance. Your belongings are fully protected with moving insurance during a move, even if professional movers are handling the work for you. This small investment gives you the protection you need, and it helps you feel confident about your upcoming move as well. These basic tips will help you prepare for your move, and you should look for more information, such as how to move when you have a pet, to ensure you know exactly what you’re doing on your move. 


Find the Value of Your Belongings

Before you ever purchase insurance, you need to know how much money your belongings are worth. Take the time to go through at least all your most valuable items and determine their overall value. You should rely on similar products available for sale today to help you estimate the overall value. Document each item you have with receipts if possible and before photos. Take care to be as detailed as possible, and you’ll be more prepared if you run into an issue during your move. 


Choosing the Proper Insurance Option

There are a few different insurance options to choose from. Getting something like basic carrier liability is better than nothing but will only give you a small part of the original value of lost or damaged items. This type of policy is based on weight and will cost a small amount of money multiplied by the total weight of your move. It’s better to invest in a full-coverage protection plan instead. These plans are designed to give you the full value of your items for replacement or repair purposes. You must carefully document all you’re moving if you plan to use one of these policies, though. 


Does Insurance Work When You Handle the Move Yourself

Yes and no. If you invest in a comprehensive policy, you may be able to get a plan that will cover your items even if you move them. This depends on the company you are dealing with, and you should always talk about the situation with your moving expert to verify that you’ll enjoy full coverage during the move. 


Submitting a Claim

If something happens to your belongings during the move, it’s up to you to submit a claim to the insurance company as soon as possible. Pay attention to any deductibles that could be attached to your plan and consider those costs against the damaged items when determining if you should file a claim or not. If you do file a claim, be sure to give the company detailed information about the item and before photos of the item if possible. 


It’s wise to get moving insurance before an upcoming movie, but it will only help you invest in the right sort of policy. Do yourself a favor and work with a knowledgeable insurance expert to help you decide which policy is right for you overall.