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Knowing When You Need New Shutters

A new, beautiful, and aesthetical shutter makes your house seem more vibrant. There is no need to embarrass yourself in front of your friends, family, or even colleagues with rusty window shutters when you can request a company like Southern Custom Shutters to install new ones. When you are ready to purchase a window shutter, you need to ask yourself the following questions: 

Are Your Shutters Outdated?

Your shutters might be in a perfect state, but with the new trends coming along, you need to upgrade. Over the years’ unique colors and materials for shutters are created. Sticking to the old shutters while the people are switching up makes you get tired of the old ones. In this case, it is time to upgrade to new and better ones.   On the other hand, you might have decided to change your home theme and get new curtains, chairs, or paintings. It is only fair to change your shutters because the outdated shutter would not match your new theme.

Are Your Shutters Broken or Shabby?

Over time shutters break, or the hinges get worn out to the point that you are now tired of regularly repairing the shutters. The worn-out shutters are a sign that you need to buy new ones. Furthermore, broken shutters make your house, office, or room look shabby. As a result, the broken shutters affect your confidence since you would not want your friends and family to visit you as often as you would like them to come. It is time to bring that family meeting or event to your house after you upgrade your confidence and your shutters.

Are Your Shutters Still Working as Intended?

When shutters grow old, they tend to stop functioning correctly. Some shutters get stuck and stop opening. Others produce a squeaking sound when opened or closed, making it uncomfortable for the person opening the window and the people in the room. Therefore, you should upgrade your shutters by replacing them one at a time so that they serve the proper purposes like opening your windows with ease and as often as you want.

Are You Replacing Your Windows?

Replacing of windows is done if:

  • the windows are scratched and don’t appear clear anymore
  • the windows are broken.
  • You want windows that are of better quality or stronger ones.

When upgrading or replacing your windows, you should also consider replacing your shutters. First, if your windows keep breaking, you can get more robust shutters that protect your windows from physical damage. Secondly, if you are replacing your windows with better quality ones, change your shutters to complement your windows. Lastly, if the shutters are banging on your windows because they are old, you need to replace them to stop the windows from breaking.

Are Your Shutters Discoloring or Growing Mold?

Old shutters, especially the ones made from wood, tend to grow mold and discolor. Shutters from some parts of the room tend to be more infected by mold than the other rooms. For example, the kitchen and the bathroom shutters have more molds and discolor faster because the shutters often contact steam and water. Therefore, you should upgrade them to qualities that are resistant to water.

Is It Cheaper to Purchase New Shutters?

Take advantage of sales or discounts and buy the shutters when you can easily afford them. Some companies give price reduction offers for purchase or installations or both. Be on the lookout for companies with offers because you will spend less on purchasing them than regular prices.