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Should I Sign an Immediate Compensation Agreement from My Insurance Company?

If you’ve been in a serious accident and you’re currently looking over an immediate compensation agreement from your insurance company, don’t sign anything just yet! There are a lot of variables to consider, and signing that agreement will be limiting your ability to seek compensation for your injuries in most instances. It makes no difference if you’re dealing with a Motorcycle accident legal case or you’ve been injured in some other way; if someone else is liable for your injuries, you should be working with a legal professional to make sure you don’t make any life-changing mistakes. Signing legal documents from an insurance provider will likely cost you a fortune in money you can no longer recover, and that’s a serious issue. 


What is an Immediate Compensation Agreement?

An immediate compensation agreement is basically a flat settlement offered by an insurance provider or another organization in exchange for you signing away your rights to a lawsuit. These settlements are usually smaller than what an attorney can get for you by working with the company, and they don’t normally consider things like your legal costs, your pain and suffering, or anything really. It’s generally a bad idea to sign one of these agreements, especially if you haven’t already consulted with an attorney. 


Why You Need an Attorney

It’s so important to work with a knowledgeable attorney after getting into an accident to ensure you don’t give away your chance for a fair settlement. Insurance companies, businesses, and everyone else will do their best to pay as little as possible for an injury. If you get severely injured from something like a motorcycle accident, your finances could be impacted significantly and in a range of different ways. Only an experienced attorney can help you determine what sort of settlement amount is fair and when you are making a mistake by choosing to receive a flat payout. 


Talk with Your Attorney First

Before signing any paperwork for your insurance company, or even filing a claim with your company, work with an injury attorney to learn what your options are and what sort of legal outcome you can expect for your case. Give your new attorney as much information as you can, and that will help them determine which action is best for you. 


Have Your Attorney Negotiate For You

After you give your attorney all the necessary information, you can have them negotiate a settlement for you from your insurance company or the business that’s liable for your accident. As long as your attorney believes you have a good case, you can likely get a better payout with help from the expert. 


Serious accidents are life-changing events, so make sure you’re being compensated in a way that matches the severity of your injuries. If you’ve been seriously injured, don’t accept an immediate compensation agreement from your insurance provider without talking with an attorney first. Most of the time, you’ll be losing out on a significant amount of money, and your lifestyle will suffer as a result. Talk with an experienced attorney today and get the representation that improves your life.