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What are additional workers’ compensation benefits and how do I obtain them?

If you get injured in your workplace in most states, it is counted as a personal injury case and you’re eligible for some compensation benefits. However, you must note that the statute of limitations for personal injury cases in FL is about four years for most cases like this except for a few outliers like medical malpractice which must be reported within two years. Hence, you should report any workplace injury as soon as you can if you wish to benefit from insurance help and packages. In light of this, we intend to go through the various categories of additional benefit that awaits you in this regard.


As a start, every state has a distinct rule in cases like this but most places give four categories of benefits for workplace injury victims. The first is medical care. The insurance firm or company pays for all medical expenses related to workplace injury. It covers outpatient visits, operations, and drugs. If your situation requires the purchase of an implant, aid, or special equipment, your workplace benefit will also carry it. In some places, palliative care is also included in the package. Usually, the company will choose the doctor that will attend to you except in rare cases like emergencies where you’re permitted to go to any nearby physician. 


If you practice self-care or experimental therapy, you might not get compensated. If you do not like the doctor assigned to you, you can initiate a one-time change plea which must be granted within five days. If not granted, you can move on to another physician of your choice with full rights for compensation. The second category of workplace benefit is rehabilitation. This involves helping you shoulder the expenses incurred from physiotherapy and other similar treatment geared towards helping you recover perfectly. It also included extracurricular rehabilitation and assessment if you can’t continue with your former job. Hence, the firm pays for experts to get you prepped for a new and befitting job.


Disability is another benefit category. It involves compensating you for the time loss you incurred not working. Hence, your wages are paid as a result of your unavoidable absence from work. Temporary disability benefits are those that you get pending the time you will be fully fit. In simpler terms, you’re only getting paid for the times you can’t work according to the doctor’s recommendations. As soon as the doctor clears you for work, the compensation ends. As for the permanent package, it involves payment for a disability that wouldn’t get resolved based on time. This covers all injuries that impairs your ability to work but the cover is not forever. Most states have a limit.


Most states will pay you two-thirds of your normal wage as a disability benefit. You also will be exempted from income tax duties. The last category is the death benefit. This is compensation for the family members of a person that died from a workplace injury. The amount is based on the person’s salary while alive and funeral expenses are also covered.