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The construction of a building involves several steps and processes before completion. One of the most important parts in a building’s construction is the roof. It is considered the most physically demanding job in construction because of the altitude at which it is done. Roofing is simply the fixing of roofs. The fixing of the roof is done to prevent the future residents of the building from external forces and harsh conditions.


There are different kinds of roof types based on the shape and the materials used in making them. A roof can either be made from woods, metals, rubber slates, and so much more. Construction workers will usually have to consult with building owners to determine their preference before making a roof purchase. Building owners will be presented with several options, and they can also find out more at Top Glaze Roofing. A roof is essentially structured to consist of either rafters or trusses.




A rafter is a part of the roof structure, and it is usually made from wood. When two rafters are joined together during the roof construction and fixing process, it is called a couple. Just like there are different types of roofs, there are also different types of rafters. These different types of rafters earn their names from their location, shape, and size. Some of the common types of rafters include principal rafters, minor rafter, auxiliary rafter, and so on. Rafters placed down in pairs to support the other components like roof decks and coverings during the roofing process.




This structure of the roof also functions as a supporting assemblage to the other structures that come together to form the roof. Its framework can comprise beams and rods that are either made from wood or metals. Beams are used for support as they help carry the weight of the roof coverings, and the rods are used to strengthen the framework. These beams and rods are assembled to form a triangular cone structure that is then connected to the base of the roof, known as rafter boards, for support. 

Trusses are very similar to rafters in both structures and functions, but the choice to use either of them is usually dependent on the type and the time of construction. It has been noticed that truss is favored in current times. The major difference between rafters and trusses is that trusses comprise two by four materials, which are considerably narrower than the dimensional boards used in rafters.


Regardless of the material used in making a roof, the basic structure of the roof will always consist of either rafters or trusses and beams. It is also possible to convert trusses to rafters. For instance, if a person buys a building with roofing with the trusses structure, there is still a possibility to convert the trusses to rafters. This simply means that in roofing, the possibilities are endless.