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What Should I Tell An Insurance Company If A Representative Calls Me?

If you were involved in a car accident, you will likely get a call from an insurance adjuster or a representative of the party at fault. To avoid jeopardizing your chances of making an injury claim in the future or getting a fitting compensation for your condition, you need to be careful of the way you answer some questions. 


If you are in this situation, below are helpful tips for dealing with insurance adjusters. 


Be Patient And Polite

After an accident, there is a good chance that your emotions are high. However, taking out your anger on the insurance adjuster will not help your case. To avoid causing a scene with these representatives and jeopardizing your injury claim in the process, it is better to remain polite, exercise patience and be professional. 


Identify The Person You Speak With


Your testimony is very crucial when trying to make an injury claim. Therefore, it is important to confirm that the person you are talking to is indeed a representative of the insurance company or the person at fault. Before discussing anything, you should get the person’s name, their insurance company, and who they represent. You should also get their telephone number and address. 


Give No Details Of Your Injuries

It is normal for an insurance adjuster to ask questions about your injury. However, it is better not to give a detailed description yet. This is because you might leave out an important detail or you might even discover an injury later. There are some cases where the injury turns out worse than what was initially described. For example, if there was no early detection of a brain injury after a severe accident, telling the adjuster about your current situation may cause more problems. To avoid this, you can tell the adjuster that you are still undergoing treatment. 


Limited The Personal Information You Will Give


Even after confirming that the caller is indeed an insurance adjuster, you don’t have to give up so much personal information. You only need to tell them your full name, telephone number, address, your job, and job address. Aside from this, you don’t have to reveal any further personal information like your income or work schedule. 


Give No Details Of The Accident


It is normal for insurance company reps and adjusters to ask you for an account of the accident. They may also try to cajole you in a harmless conversation and subtly ask about your accident. You should be conscious of the information you give out. You can give out basic facts about the accident like the location, time, nature of the accident, and the identity of an eyewitness. However, if asked for a more detailed account of the accident, you should politely refuse and say that you will talk about it further when you are ready. After all, you will still send your claims—which contains a detailed account of the accident. 


Lastly, you should resist the push to settle immediately. Insurance adjusters are usually quick to offer a settlement. However, this settlement is usually way smaller than what your injury claim is worth.