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When To Hire An Elder Law Attorney

Attorneys for elder law from Farmington have a legal obligation to help clients, especially senior citizens through the complex legal processes involved in handling some issues they are faced with. In general, an elder law attorney is trained to handle several kinds of legal matters that pose a problem to the elderly community. They offer help with the legal aspect of their health, Medicare and Medicaid programs, guardianship, as well as in social security matters. As opposed to the popular belief that an elder law attorney only handles estate planning matters and other important financial details, they are also in charge of taking care of the legal aspect of issues that affect the quality of their elderly client’s life. Some other areas where an elder law attorney offers help include transitioning into an assisted living facility or nursing home as well as life planning.


When Do I Need To Hire An Elder Law Attorney?


Senior citizens will come to need the services and legal help of an elder law attorney at one point or another. However, the common pointers that indicate the need to contact, consult, and work with an elder law attorney include;


– When a senior is transitioning into an assisted living facility or nursing home for long-term care and wishes to set certain directives that ensure the security of their family and/or spouse’s future.


– When seniors need help with navigating the complex process of filing a Medicare or Medicaid claim or when they need help with a social and disability claim.


– When an elder is has been discriminated against in the workplace and wishes to file an age discrimination claim


– When an elder needs to put an estate plan in place to protect theirs and their loved one’s future.


– When seniors have been abused in their nursing home and wishes to seek a redressal


– When seniors need legal help, especially with housing issues like discrimination and home equity conversions.


What An Elder Law Attorney Does To Help


Elder law attorneys have the legal mandate to protect the rights and interests of their clients. In the discharge of their duties as an elder law attorney, clients can enjoy the following services.


Help With Understanding And Establishment Of Key Priorities


An elder law attorney can help clients to identify and establish their key priorities which will guide them in the further decision-making process. Clients who wish to plan their legacy will also get the needed help and advice from their elder law attorney to better understand how to tie their assets and wealth around their legacy.


Assist With Challenging Family Situations


Elders sometimes find themselves in challenging family situations. An elder law attorney offers help in cases where the elder has a mentally or physically incapacitated loved one and wants to be sure that they are provided for in their absence. Elder law attorneys also help clients with high-value estate or substantially wealthy clients to handle their retirement accounts and set up a plan that protects their family and loved ones. They can also help when the client decides to create a family care contract after moving in with one of their adult children or help curb access in the case of a child with a spending problem.