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Will My Auto Accident Case Go to Trial?

Even though negotiating with an insurance firm may fail to give you the outcome you are seeking after a car accident, you should speak to experienced attorneys for car accidents in Atlanta when choosing to pursue an injury claim to get fair compensation. 

Most car accident cases will not get to trial. In fact, several situations will see the offender or the insurance firm seek compensation to evade the legal expenses of getting to trial. Depending on the evidence, settlement may be the best option. 

Still, some claims get to court. The essential thing you need to do is work with an experienced attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve. 

Several Car Accident Claims Will Be Settled Out of Court, But Some Go to Court

Suppose the insurance firm chooses to mistreat you. In that case, you may find it necessary to offer the insurance company with more details to make your position stronger and to get more information on where the firm’s position is at. If you want to get this information without hassles, you will have to file an injury claim. 

During the following trial process, the injury attorney will have the chance to get the crucial information from the defendant or the insurance company. Also, we will give the defendant access to the information so that he or she may assess the claim without bias. The information may include medical records, photos, or videos of car accidents, property damage, and witness statements. Once both parties have the essential information to assess the claim carefully, the injury attorney will help you during the negotiations. In situations where the case can’t be resolved through negotiations, a mediator may be contacted. 

If the defendant doesn’t treat the claim fairly and doesn’t offer the right settlement, an experienced personal injury lawyer will take the case to court and try to get compensation for you. Don’t ignore the advice provided by your personal injury lawyer. Even if the claim gets to trial several times, you may get a fair settlement before the judge issues the verdict. 

If the Car Accident Claim Gets to Court, Who Will Decide My Claim?

When you take the car accident claim to court, you deserve a jury trial. The jury will examine the evidence, look at how the facts are presented, and make their verdict. That means if there are discrepancies at trial as to how the accident happened, the jury will look at the evidence presented by your injury attorneys and make the right choice.  

If the trial is a jury trial, the jury will be given evidence in court, decide who was wrong and how much should be paid in compensation by the insurance firm. During the trial, you and the at-fault party can offer evidence. Also, car accident cases can be presided over by a judge. Like at the jury trial, the judge will examine the facts and decide who was at fault. It will happen when the claimant and defendant abandon a jury trial. You will need to speak to an injury lawyer to understand your options.