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How Common Is Sexual Abuse Amongst Boy Scouts In Canada?

Sexual abuse has been a major plague among large institutions with a lot of members. These organized institutions have over the years been sued by victims or groups of victims. While some of these institutions have been sanctioned heavily in court cases filed against them by victims, one of these groups remains a major concern for all, the Boy Scout.


A boy scouts sexual abuse attorney in Canada noted that the statistics of child sexual abuse in Canada is alarming. An advocacy group, Little Warriors, reported that no less than 1 in 3 girls have been victims of child sexual abuse. However, the advocacy group also revealed that at least 1 in 6 boys have also been subjected to the gruesome experience. Of all of these victims, reports state that no less than 95 percent of the victims can identify their abusers.


The Scouts of Canada are not left out of the allegations of sexual abuse against male children. The organization has for the longest time enjoying the patronage of parents who believed it was the right group to teach their male children the needed survival skills, discipline, and also to help them socialize with other children.


It is quite unfortunate to note that this trust had been taken for granted, especially as there are over 100,000 persons who are suing the organization for a form of sexual abuse or another.


What Does Sexual Abuse In Scouts Canada Look Like?


McKiggan Hebert Lawyers discussing sexual abuse cases with boy scouts referenced a CBC investigation wherein no less than 80 cases of sexual abuse were uncovered against the Scouts of Canada. The cases were as far back as the 1950s.


In each of the cases that were uncovered during the investigation, the victims had named at least one of the serving leaders or scout leaders as the perpetrator of the abuse. In addition to sexual abuse allegations, additional allegations bordering on more heinous crimes including child pornography and severe sexual misconducts were also reported by some of the victims.


The investigation further revealed that no less than three 300 children had been abused within a time frame by scout leaders.


It, however, is quite unfortunate that many of the victims do not realize that they could push for a claim under the law following their abuse experiences in the hands of trusted leaders in the Boys organization.


How The Scouts Of Canada Responds


As with many other organizations at this level, there have been several allegations against the Scouts of Canada, however, the organization has been alleged to have suppressed some of the allegations while also attempting to cover up other cases.


A remarkable case is that of Richard Turley who, among other perpetrators, were named in no less than two dozen sexual abuse cases against the Scouts Canada. These cases were reported to have been settled out of court and the details sealed from the public.


As part of these lawsuits, no less than 13 cases included the confidentiality clause that forbids the victims to speak of the case publicly.


Added to the suspicions of cover-ups, the Scouts Canada in 2012 referred to 100 cases of possible sexual abuse to the police for investigation years after reports were made.