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A bridge between tutors and students

You are not satisfied with the parent, and actively contact the intermediary

As a bridge between tutors and students, Tutor Circle welcomes tutors to challenge us when they encounter difficulties.

Finally, sometimes you may have done your best, but the other party still criticizes you a lot. Although you have done your best for the students, but you still cannot get the score, you can go back to the corresponding intermediary to explain the result. It may not be you!

GETUTOR  TUTORwelcomes the instructor and our place to complain (or yell), no matter if you encounter any problems in teaching or non-teaching, if you don’t want to talk to your parents directly about your problems, you can reflect your opinions through us. 私人補習 Parents or students know. In addition to helping you find the students, we also attach great importance to the rights of tutors. If we encounter unfair or unreasonable treatment, we will definitely help!


The above is a summary of the points that teachers should pay attention to in the first lesson of private supplementation. It has never been easy to supplement private supplementation well. It is necessary to retain the hearts of parents and students. I hope this article will help you prepare for the class. If you have any comments You are welcome to leave a low comment below, we will definitely reply to you !