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The Best Daytime and Nighttime Activities for a Bachelor Party in New York City

Are you looking for ultimate bachelor parties in New York City? Keep reading, because this epic list of bachelor party daytime and nighttime activities in New York is going to provide you with all the inspiration you need! Bachelor parties in New York are also known for being incredible. It is a city of Sex and the City and Friends – so who would not want to get away to the megacity and have their party in NYC?

There’re so many activities you can enjoy in New York City for your bachelor parties and you will find See our little people here some of the finest party ideas on our list!

Riding Staten Island ferry

Riding Staten Island Ferry is one of the coolest activities to do in NYC. This Ferry goes along with upper NYC Bay seven days a week, among St. George and White Hall Street on Staten Island. It gets more than twenty-two million visitors each year. The views of the Lower Manhattan and Statue of Liberty from the Ferry are amazing.

Go Thrill Seeking

There is nothing quite akin to an adrenaline rush, whether it is your 1st kiss, your 1st car, or your walk down the wedding aisle. These are the majestic moments you cannot wait to share with your buddies, so why not make an unforgettable moment together?

Ride a 400ft zip line across the Bronx River via the elegant Bronx Zoo. Or get in on a few high-flying actions at the New York Trapeze School. Dade your buddies to endure the twelve drops on the cyclone at Luna Park, and then hop onto the notorious slingshot, ensure to hire a professional photographer.

Wine Tasting

We do not know about you, but something makes us very happier than limitless wine. Corral the gang and head to the City Winery for wine that tastes like it is straight from the vineyard in the mid of SOHO.

Spa Day

Before gallivanting around the city with your buddies, relax at Haven Spa with a range of packages. The well-known 4hr Spoil Me package is ideal for Bach Bash and includes 1hr Swedish massage, Remedy Facial Therapy, and much more. The Spa requests bachelor party book 6 to 8 weeks out depending on group size, and 8 weeks beforehand if you need to book the full spa.

Rooftop Drinks

With incomparable sceneries of the New York skyline with a legendry cocktail, Refinery Rooftops is a good option for all looking for an elevated cocktail and even more elevated bar.

NYC Nightclub Tour

Why drink and dance at one club when you’re in a lively city like NYC? If nightclub hopping is one of your most favorite things, you’d join this visit which will give you a 5hr club experience in luxury style. Arrive at the New York nightclub, cut through the waiting line like a VVIP guest, have a table reserved for you in advance, and enjoy drinks at each of the clubs, have an authentic luxury experience in the most well-known city in the world.