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Ecomgigs helped me get my online coffee business up and running

Running low on coffee? Hello there! This is my story of how I got started with my coffee shop. Our coffee shop has been a well-known place in the local area for over ten years, but we needed a way to bring our brand from the shop into our online presence. After having our old site for over five years it was time to update the look, feel, and layout of the site.


Online Coffee Store is making me $20k per month in profit.

I’ve been working with Ecomgigs on my new Coffee Shop Website. This website is for my local coffee shop that works with all types of customers, from industry to those who want a nice relaxing environment before a big day at work.

We first came across Ecomgigs after doing months of online research into how to build our online coffee store. We had pretty much every detail figured out including the retail prices of all our teas, coffees, and novelty gifts…except the ecommerce stores were costing thousands of dollars – not affordable for our small business… So we were very lucky to find

Getting Positive Feedback is like Winning The Jackpot

We have been received a ton of positive feedback from our customers and sales have been great. We were a little worried it would take a lot of time to get our site set up since we’re not very tech-savvy, but you made the process very easy. No technical knowledge required, no stress involved!

Here’s my opinion about Ecomgigs after working with them for 4 months

This is my review of Ecomgigs. We were looking for a clean, structured, and well-designed website that was easy to edit and update. The company ticks all these boxes, giving us the ability to sell our coffee online, plus share information with our customers about events and promotions that are happening in our shop.

We would like to say a giant “thank you” to Ecomgigs and everyone involved in building and maintaining our website. We have been particularly impressed by the excellent customer service we’ve received from Rebecca and her team when we needed help with our website. Our previous web developer was non-responsive and never looked after our needs. On the other hand, Rebecca has really proven to be professional, knowledgeable, and she was making sure we get the best value for money.

In Conclusion

Every entrepreneur needs Ecomgigs. It’s very hard to find professional yet affordable ecommerce services. But thankfully, we found the company. They give the best solution at the best price. We highly recommend them to anyone wanting to build an online presence. Ecomgigs was our best option because it is easy to use and they also offered the best rates, which was essential for us and our business at that time.

Sara Parker,

Entrepeuneur, coffee lover, happy mom