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Choose a beautiful gift box set

The appearance should not be neglected when giving gifts. May wish to choose some exquisitely designed and cute products that will make the other party smile unconsciously when they receive the gift. For example, some exquisite gift box products that do not require additional packaging; or items that make people reluctant to use them and are beautifully displayed. In addition, if it can be seen from the outer packaging that it was purchased from a store that the other party likes, it will definitely add a lot of points to the sincerity of gift-giving.

Shop for products that the other party mentioned in the chat

If your friend has clearly stated what you want in the conversation, then you don’t have to worry about what you want to give away. If you give it directly as a gift at this time, the other party will be very happy. However, in this case, be very careful not to send the same items repeatedly with other people. In addition, if the price of what the other party wants is slightly higher, you may wish to share it with other friends, so that the other party will not feel embarrassed after receiving the gift

Give away some consumables that are never too much

Although the word consumables does not sound like an option that most people would choose as gifts, food, stationery, cosmetics, and even bathing agents can all be called consumables. This kind of product is not only practical and will never be too much, it will be a good gift if only a little bit of texture is improved. The key to purchasing this kind of gifts is to try to choose items that are more advanced than those used in daily life.

Palm-sized gifts are most suitable

As for the size of the gift, it’s just the size below the palm of your hand. Otherwise, no matter how cute the gift is, like an oversized doll or a pillow, it will not only be inconvenient to take home, and there may be no extra space at home. More or less will cause trouble for the other party. If you want to send such things anyway, it’s better to ask me in advance. If the other party really wants it, of course it is a good option.人形公仔

Purchase items that can be customized with a name and create a unique sense

If you want to create a unique gift, consider products with customized names. For example, there are many handkerchiefs, notebooks, small leather objects, pens, cups, etc. that can be printed with Chinese or English names, nicknames, etc. At this time, don’t forget to grasp the principle of “in accordance with the other party’s preferences”!禮物訂製