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Medical Coding and Billing has good demand. Don’t miss the Opportunity. ICD-10 Coding System has changed everything, industry needs skilled coders. Pass AAPC CPC and AHIMA CCS Exams.

CPC CERTIFICATION TRAINING THROUGH As per AAPC Syllabus. 100% Certification Guarantee

 If you have decided to pursue a career in the medical coding profession, you should first understand the basic elements of human anatomy. Next, you should learn about the ICD-10-CM coding manual, which contains guidelines and modifiers for coding procedures in the United States. Additionally, you should study about the integumentary system, which includes skin, hair, and sebaceous glands. Your course will also cover the musculoskeletal system, the body’s structure, and the integumentary system, which includes nerves and muscles.

A medical coding course will also include the three major code books: CPT(r) and ICD-10-CM Code Set. This is a high-quality course for those who wish to pursue a career in physician’s offices or want to sit for the AAPC CPC certification exam. Students will learn how to code and report on medical records with the help of various methods, including reading assignments, audio/video lectures, and chapter-review exams. Unlike other college courses, medical coding syllabuses will not count hours earned by students with prior education.

Upon completion of a medical coding course, graduates will have a broad understanding of how to code and bill a patient’s medical history and treatment. The course covers topics such as anatomy, physiology, coding systems, and procedures. The curriculum is flexible, and you can complete the course over a long period of time. There is no set course duration for this course; the duration depends on your interest and training period. In addition, the course can be taken both online and offline.

CLINIZEN MEDICAL CODING students are placed in USA, UAE and Australia

Course Syllabus

  1. ICD-10 in detail (International Classification of Disease, for Diagnosis Coding)
  2. CPT (Current Procedural Terminology, for Procedures Coding)
  3. HCPCS (For Drugs and Supplies Coding)
  4. HIPAA Compliance
  5. EM Auditing

6  3 sets of sample CPC Papers

  1. Hundreds of Practice Questions
  2. 6 months access to the training portal
  3. Certificate from CLINIZEN MEDICAL CODING Healthcare Solutions, LLC, USA

WHY Medical coding/CPC Certification?

  • Excellent jobs and career prospects. Recession proof career
  • The Medical Coders has a vast scope of opportunities for professional growth
  • Globally Excellent demand & highly paid  jobs( UAE and USA)
  • One can increase their designation in the professional field through  certifications which not only increase the superiority and self confidence but also the salary and pride.
  • Relying on the medical coding knowledge they earn, the Medical   Coders can spread their wings throughout the world by clearing different certification programs conducted by AAPC and AHIMA.
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