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Get Your Glow On: Premier Glow Has the Trendiest LED Glasses to Light Up Your Nights!

A push-button on the bottom of the illuminating short shot glass lights up LED shot glasses.

Three light modes are available on these lit shot glasses, including quick flashing, slower flashing, and a steady light setting! The Light Up LED Shot Glass is perfect for late-night events like outdoor barbecues, pubs, and clubs. Get ready to party the night away and blast those shots with light!

The three light settings on the luminous LED shot glasses—slow blink, quicker flashing, and steady light mode—is triggered by a push button.


To activate and switch between the three light settings, press the button on the shot glass’s bottom.

Push button operation and 1 1/2 ounces of liquid capacity characterize the Light Up Shot Glass.

To switch between the three distinct light modes, just press the button on the bottom of the lit shot glass (fast flashing, slower flashing and steady light).

  • To turn on the LEDs on this shot glass, simply add liquid. When the glasses are empty, the lights go out. When turned on, the LEDs shine and flicker in a lovely changing rhythm that is guaranteed to please.
  • For Christmas, New Year’s Eve, birthdays, weddings, shots, bars, nightclubs, or discos, the best drinkware makes excellent party favors or décor.
  • Without a doubt, you’ll adore these LED-activated shot glasses.
  • Perfect for drinking contests; see who can finish their drink and turn off the LED earliest.
  • Huge potential to become a party smash; a cool novelty gift for events of any kind. In a well-lit space, it will only call attention to individuals; nevertheless, in low light, it is very attractive and can add to the lively atmosphere.

Use our Neon Light Up Shot Glasses to illuminate your shots!

Features: multicolored lights and translucent glass flashing

Party supplies that glow in the dark

Enjoy various drinking moments with this Shot Glasses as they flicker in the night with a surreal vibe. Reliable material: acrylic, which is tougher, more durable, and harder to break than glass, is used in the light-up cups;

Transparent hues enable the cups to vividly display the flashing colours when the button is activated.

When you turn out the lights in the room or party, these flashing light cups will surprise you with their surprising visual attractiveness;

PARTY TIME – These tumblers are perfect for any celebration. Your birthday celebration, wedding, nightclub, holiday party, marriage, athletic event, festival, night event, bars, etc. should all be illuminated. Bring them along to athletic events, concerts, and music festivals.

You’ll undoubtedly get noticed!

For special drink promotions, product launches, or just to create a unique party environment, LED Light Up Shot Glasses are fantastic! Our Light Up Shot Glasses from Premierglow come in Blue, Green, or Red colors and feature liquid activation and flashing LED lights.

The LED Shot Glass is perfect for late-night events like outdoor barbecues, pubs, and clubs.

Get ready to party the night away and hit those shots with a flash of light!