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Cage Crossfit

Light in fitness sells a selection of professional crossfit cages. If you are a bodybuilding enthusiast, you know that the crossfit cage is an essential tool. If you want to achieve professional bodybuilding performance, the crossfit cage is ideal. Find professional quality crossfit cages in our various Light In Fitness shops. Indeed, for a weight room, gym or fitness, the crossfit cage is in a way, the backbone, the central element. You can work on your favorite exercises (air squat, alligator walk, barbell thrusters, bench press, box jump, monkey barre, burpees, deadlift, dips…)

Light In Fitness crossfit weight cages are designed for sports professionals. They will allow you to perform all the basic exercises including polyarticular exercises such as squats, bench presses, shoulder presses. They also allow you to do back-to-bar pull-ups as well as triceps dips. Also called a squat cage, or weight rack, the crossfit cage allows you to perform heavy-duty exercises in complete serenity and safety. To perform these exercises safely, opt for the cage crossfit from Light in Fitness. Indeed, with the crossfit stations from our Light in Fitness store, you can do basic exercises as well as more complex ones by loading your barbell more than you are used to.

A complete power rack is an excellent choice for performing your WODs in complete safety and enjoying a complete station.