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The importance of IoT solutions for transport companies – InetSoft

Internet of Things (IoT) devices are widely used today within the transport sector. Thanks to advances in hardware, software, cloud computing, and machine learning, companies across the world can manage their fleets intelligently with real-time information, minimizing risks and reducing costs. Below we look at some of the advantages of managing fleets using IoT solutions.

More safety for the fleet

The most important benefit of integrating IOT technology and telemetry in fleet management for transport and logistics companies is greater security from knowing, in real-time, the status and location of each vehicle. In addition to being a key tool for preventing theft, it is also useful for tracking inventory, evaluating cargo conservation conditions, plotting better routes, and obtaining strategic information for business decision-making.

Fewer traffic accidents

One of the most important advances in recent years is safety driving features. Through a well-designed system, the transport company can quickly and intuitively observe the driving behavior of its drivers to identify bad driving habits and find solutions for them.In addition to providing information to prevent accidents, the system also detects traffic incidents in real-time, assisting the driver to avoid them.

Preventive Maintenance

The installation of sensorsinfleet vehicles and integration with smart devices allows early detection of mechanical problems and maintenance needs, based on real asset data. In this way, it is possible to take action promptly, expediting maintenance to minimize downtime and save on expensive repairs or even vehicle replacement costs.

Fuel savings

Global warming, the carbon footprint, and the lack of training in sustainability cause environmental damage that could be avoided with the right strategies. With a good IoT dashboard, it is possible to detect bad driving habits, evident in maneuvers such as sudden braking and acceleration of the vehicle, which not only cause tire wear and fuel waste but also cause pollution.It is also possible to plan smart routes speeding up delivery times with the least fuel consumption and wear and tear on the vehicles.

Smart decisions with real-time data

All the information obtained from the devices and networks is combined in intuitive IoT dashboards that provide essential information to those responsible for managing the fleet.This information can be accessed round the clock and remotely from any mobile device or computer, significantly speeding up decision-making at all stages of the operation, even at critical moments. To get expert help implementing an IoT platform in your company please visit InetSoft today.