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How To Lose Weight On Your Wedding Day

  1. Bridal Nutrition Program
  We recently (within the last few months) had the pleasure of meeting with a brand new bride from Qatar who was looking for a wedding diet meal plan. We were assigned to help her create one for the event and to help her understand the key concepts around fat, protein and carbohydrates in a healthy diet. It turned out that she’d been working very hard on her own and knew more about nutrition than we ever would have guessed. She had taken courses in nutrition, she read blogs, watched videos and even had an app developed to help her track calories, macros and net carbs (which is relevant because it is not possible to track these things effectively on your phone). She has also been involved in her own research which is all about understanding what makes certain food taste good, what foods you should avoid (and why), and how much protein, fat or carbohydrates each food should contain. It’s fascinating stuff. So when we asked, “how do you eat on a daily basis?” we were expecting an answer like “I don’t really have a plan; I just try to get enough food so I’m not hungry all day long.” But we were pleasantly surprised at how she answered: “I don’t really have any plans – I just try to get enough food so I don’t feel like I’m starving all day long. I cook most of my meals at home so it doesn’t matter where I sit (I cook on my laptop). And when people ask me what kind of diet plan I follow for myself, my answer is always ‘weirdly enough! – A wedding diet meal plan! It seems weird to me but it works for me! My favorite food is pasta with broccoli or carrots – it tastes great…and then there is bacon and eggs too…but this way if something goes wrong with cooking them at home then no one knows! And if you add some butter or cheese on top you can still enjoy them as regular foods (this way they are usually better than eating them plain)…but if you eat pizza instead it might be bad for your health because of extra sugar or salt – which is why we choose pasta instead!). We also love legumes – but only real legumes which are not processed so they are cheaper than conventional ones…like green beans or peas! But there are some things that are important: low-fat  
  1. The Bridal Nutrition Program is a comprehensive plan to help brides-to-be maintain a healthy lifestyle
  We’re going to be talking about nutrition and weight loss in a lot of detail, so here is the short version: I’ve written a book, read tons of books and blogged about this topic. It’s important because dieting while pregnant is dangerous and can be devastating to your baby. In the last few months I’ve been that person who writes blog posts about nutrition without having done any research whatsoever. I am also the person who spends an hour each day on Facebook trying to convince people that eating specific foods is bad for their health. And it turns out these beliefs are widespread! This can make me look like an idiot – but it’s important that we know how the statistics are going, so we can make informed decisions (as well as whatever else we need to do). I have tried to include all of this information in one place, but it has become impossible because there are so many conflicting opinions about what constitutes healthy eating for expectant mothers. So, instead of a book where I present all of my thoughts on the subject, I have written a mini-course which will take you through all of what you need to know about nutrition when you are expecting and postpartum. The course will focus on the general principles involved in pregnancy (healthy food choices, water intake, exercise), but will also include sections on specific maternal nutrition (fat intake during pregnancy, healthy food choices at birth). To summarize quickly – there is a lot more than just calories in food! For example:
  • Fat: The quantity and quality of fat should be determined by your body type and level of activity (which should be 1/3 harder than if you were pregnant before)
  • Protein: Pregnant women should aim for 8-10 grams daily (less if you do yoga or pilates)
  • Carbohydrates: The quality and quantity of carbohydrates should be determined by your body type and level of activity (which should be 1/3 harder than if you were pregnant before)
  • Vitamins and minerals: There are several vitamins that are unique to motherhood and must be carefully balanced throughout pregnancy (to avoid toxicity)
  • Fiber: Fiber helps bacteria in your colon produce bile which helps with digestion; however too little fiber can also cause constipation or diarrhea which results in bloating which causes nausea or vomiting which makes it hard to eat or drink certain
  1. Bridal nutrition is an important aspect of wedding planning.
  The source of your nutrition should be a topic of great interest to you. Should you want to go with a buffet or a sit-down meal? Should you want to choose from lower-calorie options or higher-calorie options? What about dairy, gluten and sugar content? Will you have to make special adjustments because of allergies or sensitivities? Should you eat at specific times, such as breakfast, lunch or dinner? No one will be able to tell you in advance what the right answer is. In fact, there is no right answer; the only true way is through research and trial and error. The truth is that nobody can give you an answer because they are not actually experts in any context. For example, if I were planning a wedding banquet I would ask those who had been successful in preparing for their wedding banquet: did they use all three food groups (protein, carbohydrates and fats) for the meals and snacks? I wouldn’t necessarily ask them which foods were most important and which were least important; but it is much more likely that they would have chosen protein as a main course and carbohydrate as an accompaniment. The same goes for your diet: it’s likely that your diet will differ depending on whether you are having a sit-down meal with friends or attending a cocktail party hosted by someone else. This means that it would be extremely difficult for me to give you absolute answers on this issue if I was speaking in person. What I can do though is provide some general guidance on the topic since we are going to need it at some point:
  • You should eat proteins (meat, fish, eggs), carbohydrates (breads, fruits) and fats (fatty fish). But don’t rely too much on any one type — too much protein can cause constipation due to excess nitrogen waste products in the body; too little fat can lead to obesity; cold drinks may put pressure on your body temperature at night so don’t drink too much alcohol; too little fat can lead to digestive problems so don’t feel bloated when feeling full after eating more than usual; too much carbohydrate leads to bloating so avoid sugary foods like fruit; too little fat leads to weight gain so avoid sweets like cake etc.; etc.
Mixing carbs with protein will lead to excess weight gain if your insulin level drops during exercise because if glucose is not used during exercise then there will be no glycogen stores  
  1. Sources:
  This is a good example of the point that I made earlier about how you need to think about your business differently than you do if you are looking for a position in a large, established market. The wedding diet plan I am describing here is all about creating an attractive and attractive-to-the-eye menu that will connect with your target audience. It’s not going to be “healthy” in any way and the only thing that it is going to have in common with the typical diet plan of other companies is its name: it is “bridal nutrition program.” In reality, this program would be far more successful if it took into account the fact that your values are different and so should your marketing strategy. You really can’t expect people who are searching for food on vacation to be interested in what tastes best, but if you want them to be curious about what is good and why, a nutrition program can be very powerful. For example: You want people to come back from their vacation thinking they learned something new or enjoyed some new adventures… but now you want them to continue the relationship by sharing their experiences with friends and family (and even potential business partners) via social media. So when planning your next marketing campaign, think about what kind of information will create an engaging story: when will people want to know more? What are their relationships now? How do they feel about your company? What does their perception of you look like?  
  1. Bibliography
  I wrote about how to get the nutrition and fitness information you need for your wedding. I’ve also written at length about what a healthy diet should look like and how to get there. The problem is that, as more people are getting married, the number of people who actually know what a healthy diet is has been shrinking. So, here is a new way to get health and nutrition information you could use for any occasion: my “bridal nutrition program”! It is designed for those planning their wedding — not just those who have already tied the knot or are thinking of it. In this post, I give you a detailed overview of what kind of health and fitness information you should have when planning your wedding day. It includes all the nutrients you need (and don’t need) in order to stay healthy during your big day — including amino acids needed in large quantities by pregnant women and those with heart disease or diabetes — as well as some extra info on exercise (including some helpful tips on getting the best results). It also includes a list of local vendors who sell plenty of these things on-site (providing they aren’t charging so much that they aren’t really worth it). A small note: even though I am giving you this list from memory, it is possible that some businesses will have changed their policies since then. If so, please let me know and I will update this post!

Grow your practice with these plastic surgery marketing ideas

If you want to be a plastic surgeon, you will need to understand the market and the competition. You may also want to get a good grasp of some basic marketing techniques for your plastic surgery practice. The following short guide can help you do just that.  

  1. Plastic Surgeon Marketing Company
  What makes a good plastic surgeon marketing company? It’s not that important — but it is. In some ways, the answer to this question really isn’t all that different from the question of what makes a good marketing company in general. You could say that what you need for marketing your digital product is basically the same as what you need for marketing your physical product. And I agree — but that’s far from true. The reason why the answer to this question is so important is because any marketing company needs to be able to do three things: be flexible enough to respond quickly and flexibly to market trends; provide sufficient value on its own terms; and have a market presence. You can get most of these three things out of an internal team, even if it’s small compared with a large organization like Google or Facebook, with large budgets and hundreds of employees. But it’s much more difficult with an external team that you have to pay off with money every month and needs to be flexible enough to respond quickly (to market changes) without losing sight of long-term goals (like providing value in the context of long-term relationships). Obviously, there are other considerations too: how flexible should you be in dealing with changes in customer expectations? What about getting clients? Should you try to sell them somewhere else or find ways to create their own awareness about you through social media? How will your customers perceive your brand? There are only two ways for a plastic surgeon marketing company (or any other kind of business) to satisfy all these requirements at once: either they can hire an external team whose job it is just to do everything internally and then serve as a sales force — or they can build one themselves by leveraging their own internal strength. But finding such teams can sometimes be tough; let me explain why…  
  1. Plastic Surgeon Marketing Services
  I’ve been practicing plastic surgery for over 20 years, and I use this blog as a platform for sharing my experience and advice on marketing strategies for plastic surgeons. I wrote this post to help people who are considering hiring a plastic surgeon to figure out the best way to do so: How To Get Clients Plastic Surgeon Marketing The topic was originally posted in the following thread in the Plastic Surgery Forum: I am a marketing professional, who has worked with several plastic surgeons over my career. Some are very good at it and some are not. I found that most of their marketing efforts fall into 3 main areas: (1) PR, (2) Advertising, & (3) Social Media. So I thought it might be helpful to share with you the different types of marketing strategies that seem to be used by some of these plastic surgeons. Please keep in mind that these are just 3 examples and not an exhaustive list  of all methods that might be used by all plastic surgeons - each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. PR & Advertising - These are 2 separate things, although they often overlap sometimes or both can be done at the same time! The idea behind PR is to gain likes/shares on your social media accounts by interacting with people (tweeting them or liking their posts). You can use tools like Buffer, Hootsuite or BufferBoost and other services to help you post great content on social media. Advertising is a bit more complicated....the type of ads that show up on their website/Facebook page are usually quite different from those shown on their social media pages - which may include more paid ads - also known as "Likes"/"Shares". Most people's idea of advertising vs marketing is pretty different from what it is actually meant for; some companies will pay you $1-5k per day for just displaying ads along with Facebook Likes/Twitter Follows/Instagram Follows etc.. This is because people tend to associate advertising with being associated with money. If you want your business to be seen as providing medical services instead of having an image of being a "money-making machine", then you will need to avoid spending too much money on advertising...this is why many small businesses end up losing money when they try this approach. There are few companies out there that actually focus solely on advertising; they usually have an "owner" who spends his time doing things like setting up events, managing social media  
  1. Plastic surgeon digital marketing
  So we’ve outlined some of the topics that have been covered in other posts. Over the last couple of years, the marketing and PR side of the business has undergone a huge growth spurt. It is no longer enough to market your products to surgeons who might already know you. You need to reach out to anyone who might be interested in your services and convince them that you are a viable option for their needs. And it is not just about getting more clients; it’s about getting better clients. This is often what happens in any business, but it is especially true with plastic surgeons because they are highly visible and therefore extremely hard to hide from. Your goal as a plastic surgeon is not just to get as many patients as possible (and not everyone with a plastic surgery package would say they need this), but also to get the right ones. And if you are going to make this happen, you need different strategies for each patient type and audience—something that may sound like marketing jargon but isn’t if you apply it consistently and make sure you understand it first hand! So, after reading this guide, I hope you will have a better understanding of how plastic surgeons market themselves; why they marketing needs to be different from other types of marketing; how these needs can be met (and what mistakes people can easily avoid); and finally how best to do so… all so that your doctors don't have to worry about whether or not their work will pay for itself!  
  1. How to Market a Plastic Surgeon
  I’m not a plastic surgeon, but I am a marketing professional who has worked with thousands of plastic surgeons. Over the years, I have seen some of the best marketing plans and strategies fizzle, wither and die. However, I can tell you from experience that there are some solid ways to make money using rejuvenation surgery marketing. Don’t get me wrong: there is nothing wrong with selling rejuvenation surgery services. In fact, selling anything is good for your business because it will bring in more customers (loyal customers are much more likely to be repeat clients). But this article is focused on advertising plastic surgery services and the strategies that we believe will work.  
  1. Conclusion
  Plastic surgery is a highly competitive field and one that can be reached through a variety of different strategies. The above article looks at some of the more common ones. There are also many more out there but they seem to have either been overlooked or passed over in favor of larger, technically capable organizations. One strategy that I’ve seen used most frequently is just to build an excellent reputation with your existing clients, then sell the name and service to your new clients. This isn’t a bad idea, but it requires some real effort on your behalf to maintain. For example, you need to do something different in how you present yourself (do what you should for a plastic surgeon marketing company) and you need to make sure that everything about your practice reflects an up-to-date standard of excellence (do what you should for a plastic surgeon marketing company). In my opinion, this strategy is doomed unless you work very hard at integrating into the industry and making yourself visible as someone who can help your new clients get taken care of when they run into problems later on.

How Much is a Tattoo Gun?

Almost everyone has the idea that different companies around the world manufacture their products to get the ultimate profit. No doubt, companies are creating the toughest competition and they are adding different but, useful features for the users. You can better choose options as per your desire and need. The perfect option is always around you in the shape of the internet. This effective and useful platform will provide you the superb ideas for searching for different options rapidly. They are also available in detail for you and you will never find this thing useless by any chance. This platform is quite effective and supportive for you in this regard. Today, we have the best topic to discuss with you here which is related to a Tattoo machine. You might be unaware of this amazing machine. Read the whole discussion in which you will get a lot more points to know which you will get the perfect solution to know their price offers and how to get them if you need to buy.

Tattoo Machine

A Tattoo machine is the best gadget that will create the artwork on your body. You are free to select the best option in this regard for you and it will not make you feel annoyed by its choice. The tattoo will be printed on your body with the help of a tattoo machine. This machine is easily available in the market and different companies have introduced this machine at different price offers. The material of these machines will be different and you will also see the needle option will be different too. Most people prefer to buy the Jail Tattoo gun option which is yet another impressive option for everyone. You have to use this option if you need to make your professional carrier perfect all the way. newbies can choose this option as it is also an affordable option for them in price and they could better use this option for personal use.

Price of Tattoo Gun Machine

Different prices you may have to pay for the tattoo gun machine if you are interested to buy it. Normally, you will see this amazing option in the market between $50 to $1000. Different qualities and features and other options you will get in the selection of the brand all the way. this option is entirely effective and useful for everyone to know in detail.

How to Buy a Tattoo Gun Machine?

Buying a tattoo machine is not much difficult for you these days. We all are living in a digital era and we all have the best solutions available which are highly effective and impressive for everyone. You can shop online anything you want as giant online shopping platforms are available for you. The same thing you need to apply to buy a tattoo gun machine online where different brands have introduced their machines for you all the way. It is quite simple for you to select the tattoo machine as per your target budget. If you are going to open your own business of tattoo making, you need here to choose the perfect option. The best way is to get a recommendation from the professionals. They will guide you to the best solution which you may find out effective and reliable all the way. Utilize your skills to find out the right option for you in this regard. Everything will get set accordingly and it will never make you feel down all the way. share this useful knowledge with others to help them out perfectly. Everything will be in their favor.

The Many Uses Of Prefab Steel Buildings

You will see that prefab metal structures utilize metal as the material of decision for development. Structures put together with metal are turning into an exceptionally well known decision in building materials.

Metal can be a truly reasonable decision and this is an extremely engaging element for the customer. Wooden structures can be pricey to develop and metal structures can frequently be built at home. You will actually want to dispense with building expenses and this can save a lot of cash.

One more extraordinary choice with metal structures is that there are various sizes and even shadings that you can browse. Metal is an exceptionally solid material, and one that will be reliable for a long time. Wooden structure regularly needs fixes later only a couple of years. A metal assortment won't need any fixes later on.

The completion on a Buildway metal structure is intended to keep your structure liberated from rust. Dampness can not enter the real metal. This makes an extraordinary obstruction that can keep your structure new for a long span of time.

There are a few highlights that you can add to your structure to make it the ideal spot for your requirements. Windows can assist with allowing in daylight to assist you with working in the daytime.

You can likewise add ways to give simple section into your structure. Assuming you are involving a structure for a carport, you might need to consider adding rolling, or carport ways to your structure. This will give you an ideal carport space, where you can work.

Running electrical to your structure can be vital. You will frequently require capacity to this structure, and you will need to ensure that you have sufficient ability to help the necessities you will have in this space.

Prefab structures will accompany parts you will collect on your property. This is the kind of thing that you can finish in days or less, contingent upon the size of your structure. You will see that the guidelines included with your pack will assist you with collecting this structure accurately.

Prefab metal structures can give you all that you want and expect in an open air building. This is the sort of thing that you can use for a private or even business use. Many individuals are finding the simplicity of developing a metal structure. This is the sort of thing that you can undoubtedly develop and start utilizing very soon.

Riderly Bike Renting Servies – Rent Quad In Cyprus


Cyprus is a charming small island nation in the Mediterranean Sea that makes for a fantastic holiday destination. It's the Mediterranean's 3rd largest island, with a wonderful blend of spectacular beaches, heritage, and environment.

Cyprus is a famous tourist destination throughout Europe, yet many people have no idea of the island's full potential! Cyprus is yet to be discovered by a large portion of the world! Apart from coastlines and nightlife, there are far more sites to explore in Cyprus.

Are You A Beach Person? Come to Cyprus.

The beach provides a wide range of activities. Cyprus is noted for its lovely sandy beaches and clear seas; in fact, the United Nations Environment program considers Cyprus' shores to be the healthiest in Europe. The island has around 40 approved blue flag sites for surfing and other seawater activities.

Would You Tour a Beautiful Place in the Enclosed Car?

It is disheartening if you kill the vibe of the place by going around inside the car. In order to feel the smells and vibe of a place, you should walk on foot. But you cannot walk long distances, you must go on a cycle. Cycling is the most amazing way to explore the cities.

However, to save yourself from tiring, rent quad in Cyprus. It is the most relaxing and open way of experiencing the hustle and bustle of the Cyprus beaches and other amazing places.

Enjoying the Coastline Camps with Quads

These vehicles are designed to be operated by a single person, without the addition of a passenger. Quad bikes are built to handle a broad range of terrain, including mountain slopes, but they can't move so fast but would do everything. It means that you cannot carry a person with you on the Quads. You should travel on the quads on special terrains or beaches.

Rent a Quad in Cyprus - The Riderly Bike Renting Services

Are you finding the best palace to rent quad in Cyprus? There might be many outlets offering the quads for rent in Cyprus. We offer highly affordable and powerful quads. The quads are brand-new. So, you do not find it difficult to run the quads on the beaches.


You should meet multiple requirements for being able to rent quad in Cyprus. For instance, you should have an international driver's license, the capability of driving quads, and a passport. So, meet the conditions and rent quad in Cyprus.

Interesting Free Things to do in Austin, Texas

This vibrant city has loads of interesting things to do at no charge to you.

Walking tours will take you through buildings such as the Old Bakery, Millett Opera House, Driskill Hotel and the Old St. Mary’s Cathedral which were all built in the 1800s.  Victorian time’s enthusiasts can also tour the Bremond Block Historic District, where the homes were all occupied by relatives of the well known John Bremond, a profitable merchant in the area. Travel Lens has recommended you to visit one of the most amazing places in Austin.

If you are not squeamish when it comes to creepy, crawly bats, then head over to the Congress Avenue Bridge.  At this bridge you will see the home of over a million Mexican free tailed bats.  Assemble nearby to watch the largest urban bay colony in North American emerge at dusk.  Note that July to September is considered to be the peak season to watch these bats hunt for insects.

For past American president fans, you’ll be in heaven at the Lyndon Bains Johnson Library and Museum.  This library is home to over 54, 000 objects donated by the president and Mrs. Johnson and their family.  The exhibits in this museum show the life and times of Lyndon Bains Johnson, including a replica of the Oval Office, gifts Mr. Johnson received from foreign heads of state and masterpieces all done by American artistes.

To get a paramount view of Austin, Texas, take a stroll up the stairs or pathway leading up to the top of Mount Bonnsell which is named after George Bonnsell.  Mr. Bonnell, how moved to Austin in 1839, was the Commissioner of Indian Affairs for the Texas Republic for many years.  When you walk the 775 feet to the top of this mountain, you can fix your eyes on the areas bluffs, million dollar mansions and the skyline of downtown.  This is a great place to have a picnic as tables and grills are there for everyone’s use.

After a day of walking, go over to the Alamo Drafthouse to relax and enjoy a free kids’ movie as well as other special screenings and free events offered on the last Saturday of the month.  If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, enjoy free low budget independent movies on the patio of the Nueva Onda Mexican restaurant once a month.  During the summer, free movies are also shown at the North Central Market every Wednesday night.

Great techniques to get more likes on Instagram

Hashtags are a great way of getting more likes for your posts on Instagram. They may be based on the photography style, the subject matter, location, Instagram filters, or on the apps. You can select one of the popular tags that have been used recently. Explore the hashtags that have been used by other people. There are several Instagram activities that give you the option to participate. Participate in the community activities and for participation, you just need to follow the community. Several communities are available on the Instagram and are a very good medium to increase the likes of your Instagram account.

Another important element for achieving success is engagement, similar to the other social networking sites. The more time you give to the members by interacting with them, the same they would do to you. Like the photos shared by the other users and leave some thoughtful comments in order to catch their attention. When you pay more attention to people who are outside your group of friends, then you will get more followers and famoid likes. This way, their friends shall notice you too and your network will expand very quickly.

Expand your small business

Instagram, a social networking site is used to share both photos and videos. It is following the footsteps of Twitter and Instagram and it has become a highly popular marketing tool. It was developed originally with the intention to apply the filters to the photographs that had been taken on the mobile devices. This would allow easy uploading and sharing the photos with the account followers by utilizing the application. Later on, the videos were introduced and now, they could be uploaded too. Even the smaller businesses are gradually turning to Instagram because they can expand it to a large extent.

Instagram appears to be the product based business because of the visual nature. The product based businesses like jewelery, clothing, food, and makeup have achieved huge successes with Instagram. This is due to the fact that with this application, people can post photos and can also share them with other people who are using the products. For example, a food manufacturer may post photos of people cooking with or entertaining friends with his food products. The success of the business is not restricted to the big brands exclusively but to the small businesses as well. Instagram can cater both the brands.

Antje Simdorn : A Woman With A Mission!

Multi-Platinum Certified Hollywood Producer recruits German Life Coach to his Global Charity Movement One World with the cause to spread awareness of the importance of “Unity” Worldwide!

Geo Slam, who also is a Leading High-Ranked Mindset and Mental Health Coach for A-Listed Music Artists, is known to handpick the people he surrounds himself with great care. And Antje Simdorn is no exception

Purpose And Direction

Antje Simdorn is a Life Coach, Lawyer, Experienced Humanitarian, and a Fetish Model all packaged into one person.

For over a decade, her mission has been to help Women Of All Ages Sustainably Improve Their Lives, Careers, and Relationships!

"Women CAN, Women SHOULD, Women WINS" is one of her many statements she empowers her followers with, and she lives as a true example by it herself!

On top of that she holds a Master's Degree in International Humanitarian Action and has worked in various humanitarian projects in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Lawyer And A Fetish Model? How does that fit together?

Antje Simdorn is convinced that all people have different and unique sides to themselves and that the first big step towards “Real Self-Confidence” is to acknowledge all these sides and then “Act Out”, in the next step.

As a well sought-after Fetish Model, she knows what she’s talking about.

She states that most people forbid themselves to live as they want because they are constantly ashamed of everything and afraid of being judged by other people. Sad but true, but she encourages all women to express themselves as they want to and be proud of it!

The “Life” As A Life Coach

"Women can achieve anything they want" is a motto of Antje Simdorn that she lives and teaches by.

"There is no such thing as impossible," but are you up for the challenge? 

Are you going all-in and making things happen for you in your life? If you don't, she could help you with exactly that!

Dare to be Brave, Vulnerable, and an Extraordinary Woman for yourself ! And after that, to others. The world needs Authenticity for Authenticity and Truth!

One World - Catching Fire

Antje Simdorn loves individuality and the difference between people. Different Goals, Dreams, Looks, Cultures, Religions, Philosophies, and the list goes on… 

Antje Simdorn was recently recruited by the Multi-Platinum Certified Hollywood Producer  Geo Slam to join his Global Charity Movement One World as an Ambassador with the cause to spread awareness of the importance of “Unity” Worldwide!

Acceptance of Individuality and Diversity leads to Love and Understanding.

Antje Simdorn thinks that all these differences, when we see them as diversity, are a great asset to all of us and great gifts! 

We share knowledge of our differences together so that, in the end, everyone gets more out of it. 

Antje Simdorn has a global network at her hands. For the “One World Catching Fire project”, she has gathered and engaged people around the World. 

She was amazed when she realised how many different people came together from so many countries and cultures, proving we are all "only" humans after all! 

We all have so much to give and so much to share. And now it's time to do that, especially during this Pandemic period. Because if we support each other, we will all grow - and grow together. And then we can turn our beautiful blue planet back into the paradise that it truly is. Together we can do it! One world-catching fire….

Click Here To Get To Know More About Antje Simdorn and Her Life On The ”Wild Side”, And What SHE Can Do For YOU!    

5 tips for Optimal Outboard Performance

We've all seen the boat yard's faithful barge, which is propelled by an old, little outboard engine. They will run for a long time if kept in the right way. An outboard engine must be set up correctly and maintained in order to perform to its full capacity.

Here are some crucial suggestions for appropriately setting up and protecting the potential life of an outboard motor.

5 Tips for Maximum Performance

Today's outboards are a significant improvement over the machines provided by the leading outboard manufacturers just ten years ago.

Manufacturing technological breakthroughs, novel designs, fewer emissions, improved metal alloys, and enhanced anti-corrosion coatings have improved all manufacturers in general. If you want to buy high-quality outboard parts then you can buy from B&A Onderdelen. However, in order to support life in what is basically a harsh atmosphere.

Things to Think About:

1. It is critical to treat fuel:

Everyone should be aware that ethanol gas can damage boat engines, particularly due to phase separation — the separation of the water in the fuel from the fuel itself.

It is more of an issue in boats than in vehicles since gas sits in boats for a much longer period of time. However, even if boaters use their boat on a regular basis and refresh the supply within a few weeks, ethanol can still cause harm. Internal corrosion issues can severely limit an outboard's productive use.

2. Flush After Each Use:

Regularly water motor flushes are vital to the durability of any marine engine. Freshwater flushes maintain the cooling channels clean and open, prevent corrosion in various areas of the engine, and lengthen the life of the water pump impeller. Make flushing with freshwater a routine. Cleaning the engine once a month is ineffective, as is flushing it a day or two after usage.

3. Replace oil and oil filters on a regular basis:

Outboard engines operate at high RPMs all the time, far higher than automobiles or trucks. With 4-stroke engines, having fresh, clean oil in the engine becomes essential, and cleaning the oil filters on a regular basis will assist keep the oil fresher.

Because no oil replacements or fuel filter replacement is required, 2-stroke engines are substantially less costly to maintain. That is why, in rising applications, 2-stroke engines are far more economical than 4-stroke engines.

4. Engines Require Coolant Always:

It's acceptable to operate an outboard on land if it's connected to a water source, but it must never, ever be dry-started. Not even for a split second. The accumulation of heat isn't the only problem.

The water-pump impeller requires water for lubrication, and a single dry begin of your engine can ruin that impeller in a couple of moments. A broken or bent propeller can create issues such as loosening nuts and bolts.

5. Utilize Use of Your Outboard:

Allowing an outboard to idle is actually dangerous. Seals contract, grease collects dust, humidity happens, and components corrode. Allowing a marine engine to sit idle for weeks or months is among the worst things you could do to it.

When a boat has been sitting for more than a couple of weeks, the owner must restart it and let it idle until it reaches working temperature. If you ever need one, this is an excellent opportunity to put your boat to use.

How Have Transcription Services Evolved Over Time?

Over time the way in which transcription companies have operated has changed, and it is still changing today. Due to the advances in technology and different softwares and regulations being introduced into the transcription industry, means that the transcription process has been made quicker, more reliable, and more accurate since it first started. Due to these advances, more industries are relying on transcription services than ever before.   

How Did Transcription Services Start?

Before transcription services were a thing people used to sit in on important meetings or medical appointments and write out the conversations word for word. As you could imagine this would have been very difficult, and time consuming. Also, with no real way to play back the conversation to make sure you had not missed any important information, you were bound to have something missed out. This method of using a scribe dates all the way back to the 10th century.    From here, large tape recorders came onto the market which took out the need for a scribe to be present. These machines were not the easiest of things to move between locations due to their size, and weight.    Once the meeting had been recorded the tape would then be sent out through the post to a transcriber who would play the tape over and over again, writing out the audio word for word.  These would have been typed out with a typewriter. The typewriter caused a restrictive typing speed which made the process very time consuming, especially when you were trying to keep up with the speed of someone talking. Once this process had finally been completed the typed document would have then been sent back to the client through the post.    Another restrictive and time consuming aspect of this process was the need to be reliant on the mail system. There were not the protocols in place that there is today, such as parcel tracking, to assure that the parcel would make it to its destination. And if the tape itself got lost in the post there was no backup.   

How Did Transcription Companies Benefit From The Release Of Microsoft Office?

When Microsoft Office was released in November 1990 there was no need for the use of typewriters. By this time they had been replaced by PCs which came with keyboards that made typing an easier, and a much faster task. This advancement in technology massively benefited the transcription industry.    At this time many other industries realised the importance which transcription companies held, and started to use these services as well.   

How Did Further Advancements In Technology Benefit The Transcription Industry?

Advancements in the internet and various other aspects of technology over time have really allowed for the transcription industry to grow. For example the audio quality improvements that came with the development in audio recording made it a lot easier to understand what was being said. This made the job of a transcriptionist more straightforward, as well as giving clients a more accurate outcome.    The level of reassurance that clients got when it came to privacy also increased. This is because the need to send the recording via the post was eliminated, and the ability to upload the files directly to the transcription company website became an option. This meant that the files you wanted transcribed no longer had to bypass anyone else, improving levels of confidentiality. This method also eliminated any time wasted due to waiting for documents to be delivered through the post.   By switching to an online method of uploading also allowed for people to receive these files worldwide. This opened the world of offshore transcription services which some companies still use today. 

How Are Transcription Services Expected To Change In The Future?

Alphabet Secretarial transcription services are a company that pride themself on the use of humans in their transcription process. However, there are many companies relying on the use of machines as their transcribers. This is due to it being one of the quickest methods within the transcription industry.  The use of machine transcription has room for software development which can improve the level of accuracy that they currently possess. This is due to the fact that machines still have difficulties when it comes to differentiating background noise with people talking. They also do not have the ability to remove erms and urms that we use to break up speech. 

To Summarise

Although the transcription industry has already evolved a lot, there is plenty of room for further advancements. It is expected that, as with most other industries, we will head to relying on machines as the way forward when it comes to transcribing. However, there will always be companies that use and trust human transcription services more.  The demand for transcription services are increasing more and more with many meetings and courses moving to be conducted online. So it is really important that the transcription industry can keep up with the high demand, while still maintaining high levels of accuracy.