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5 Essential Tips To Consider When Moving During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has adversely affected all sectors. The health, education, business, employment, and even the agriculture sector have been involved in one way or another. Due to limited movement, many people have opted to relocate. Some relocate to cheaper housing to manage the drastic changes in the employment sector, such as working from home. Others have permanently moved due to other reasons such as job loss, salary cuts, the need to be with family, and fear of contracting Covid-19 considering the dynamics of the current location.

Moving during covid-19 is not an easy process. There are many restrictions and fear of contracting the disease during transit. Using professional companies such as move central san diego helps handle such worries.  If you plan on moving, it would be wiser to do due diligence to protect everyone involved in the process from contracting the virus. 

  1. Find Out If There Are Lockdown Rules

Find out if there are existing lockdown rules in your area and the new area you are relocating to. Many restrictions may hinder your movement, and this could result in extra costs. Find out if there are time restrictions where trucks are only allowed to move during specific periods. This could mean extra hours, translating to additional costs. Is your new area a containment zone? Do you need any mandatory Covid-19 tests and clearance certificates? Are there requirements for a specified quarantine period? This could mean extra storage costs.

  1. Get a Quote Virtually

You do not want visitors in your house during the pandemic. The best option is to send photographs and videos of the items that you intend to move. The moving company will estimate costs and send you a virtual quote. Remember to ask questions to ensure the quote is inclusive. There could be other charges with restricted movements, such as special permits, mandatory Covid tests, and authorization letters.  

  1. Observe the Recommended Guidelines

Ensure everyone observes all the recommended safety precautions. Wear masks and gloves all the time. Sanitize, hand wash regularly, and keep a distance. Do not share packing items such as scissors and tapes. 

  1. Clean and Sanitize

Before moving, ensure you do a thorough cleaning. Disinfect and sanitize surfaces and items on transit. This should also be the case with moving trucks.

  1. Disinfect Your New Home

Before settling in the new home, thoroughly clean and disinfect. Ensure you dispose of all packing materials in the right way. You may consider putting your items in a different place, such as a garage, for some days before moving them for unpacking. You may also opt to unpack without the movers’ assistance to reduce exposure to the virus.

Moving during Covid-19 could be a lot easier with cooperation. If you are looking for a reliable mover, Move-Central Storage and Moving is your moving partner.