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Grow your practice with these plastic surgery marketing ideas

If you want to be a plastic surgeon, you will need to understand the market and the competition. You may also want to get a good grasp of some basic marketing techniques for your plastic surgery practice.

The following short guide can help you do just that.


  1. Plastic Surgeon Marketing Company


What makes a good plastic surgeon marketing company? It’s not that important — but it is.

In some ways, the answer to this question really isn’t all that different from the question of what makes a good marketing company in general. You could say that what you need for marketing your digital product is basically the same as what you need for marketing your physical product. And I agree — but that’s far from true.

The reason why the answer to this question is so important is because any marketing company needs to be able to do three things: be flexible enough to respond quickly and flexibly to market trends; provide sufficient value on its own terms; and have a market presence.

You can get most of these three things out of an internal team, even if it’s small compared with a large organization like Google or Facebook, with large budgets and hundreds of employees. But it’s much more difficult with an external team that you have to pay off with money every month and needs to be flexible enough to respond quickly (to market changes) without losing sight of long-term goals (like providing value in the context of long-term relationships). Obviously, there are other considerations too: how flexible should you be in dealing with changes in customer expectations? What about getting clients? Should you try to sell them somewhere else or find ways to create their own awareness about you through social media? How will your customers perceive your brand?

There are only two ways for a plastic surgeon marketing company (or any other kind of business) to satisfy all these requirements at once: either they can hire an external team whose job it is just to do everything internally and then serve as a sales force — or they can build one themselves by leveraging their own internal strength. But finding such teams can sometimes be tough; let me explain why…


  1. Plastic Surgeon Marketing Services


I’ve been practicing plastic surgery for over 20 years, and I use this blog as a platform for sharing my experience and advice on marketing strategies for plastic surgeons. I wrote this post to help people who are considering hiring a plastic surgeon to figure out the best way to do so: How To Get Clients Plastic Surgeon Marketing

The topic was originally posted in the following thread in the Plastic Surgery Forum:

I am a marketing professional, who has worked with several plastic surgeons over my career. Some are very good at it and some are not.

I found that most of their marketing efforts fall into 3 main areas: (1) PR, (2) Advertising, & (3) Social Media.

So I thought it might be helpful to share with you the different types of marketing strategies that seem to be used by some of these plastic surgeons. Please keep in mind that these are just 3 examples and not an exhaustive list  of all methods that might be used by all plastic surgeons – each one has its own strengths and weaknesses.

PR & Advertising – These are 2 separate things, although they often overlap sometimes or both can be done at the same time! The idea behind PR is to gain likes/shares on your social media accounts by interacting with people (tweeting them or liking their posts). You can use tools like Buffer, Hootsuite or BufferBoost and other services to help you post great content on social media.

Advertising is a bit more complicated….the type of ads that show up on their website/Facebook page are usually quite different from those shown on their social media pages – which may include more paid ads – also known as “Likes”/”Shares”. Most people’s idea of advertising vs marketing is pretty different from what it is actually meant for; some companies will pay you $1-5k per day for just displaying ads along with Facebook Likes/Twitter Follows/Instagram Follows etc.. This is because people tend to associate advertising with being associated with money. If you want your business to be seen as providing medical services instead of having an image of being a “money-making machine”, then you will need to avoid spending too much money on advertising…this is why many small businesses end up losing money when they try this approach. There are few companies out there that actually focus solely on advertising; they usually have an “owner” who spends his time doing things like setting up events, managing social media


  1. Plastic surgeon digital marketing


So we’ve outlined some of the topics that have been covered in other posts. Over the last couple of years, the marketing and PR side of the business has undergone a huge growth spurt. It is no longer enough to market your products to surgeons who might already know you. You need to reach out to anyone who might be interested in your services and convince them that you are a viable option for their needs.

And it is not just about getting more clients; it’s about getting better clients. This is often what happens in any business, but it is especially true with plastic surgeons because they are highly visible and therefore extremely hard to hide from. Your goal as a plastic surgeon is not just to get as many patients as possible (and not everyone with a plastic surgery package would say they need this), but also to get the right ones. And if you are going to make this happen, you need different strategies for each patient type and audience—something that may sound like marketing jargon but isn’t if you apply it consistently and make sure you understand it first hand!

So, after reading this guide, I hope you will have a better understanding of how plastic surgeons market themselves; why they marketing needs to be different from other types of marketing; how these needs can be met (and what mistakes people can easily avoid); and finally how best to do so… all so that your doctors don’t have to worry about whether or not their work will pay for itself!


  1. How to Market a Plastic Surgeon


I’m not a plastic surgeon, but I am a marketing professional who has worked with thousands of plastic surgeons. Over the years, I have seen some of the best marketing plans and strategies fizzle, wither and die. However, I can tell you from experience that there are some solid ways to make money using rejuvenation surgery marketing.

Don’t get me wrong: there is nothing wrong with selling rejuvenation surgery services. In fact, selling anything is good for your business because it will bring in more customers (loyal customers are much more likely to be repeat clients). But this article is focused on advertising plastic surgery services and the strategies that we believe will work.


  1. Conclusion


Plastic surgery is a highly competitive field and one that can be reached through a variety of different strategies. The above article looks at some of the more common ones. There are also many more out there but they seem to have either been overlooked or passed over in favor of larger, technically capable organizations.

One strategy that I’ve seen used most frequently is just to build an excellent reputation with your existing clients, then sell the name and service to your new clients. This isn’t a bad idea, but it requires some real effort on your behalf to maintain. For example, you need to do something different in how you present yourself (do what you should for a plastic surgeon marketing company) and you need to make sure that everything about your practice reflects an up-to-date standard of excellence (do what you should for a plastic surgeon marketing company).

In my opinion, this strategy is doomed unless you work very hard at integrating into the industry and making yourself visible as someone who can help your new clients get taken care of when they run into problems later on.