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Everyone knows that Facebook is the most popular social media platform with over 2 billion monthly active users

Facebook is a great place to get started in social media marketing and we have some great resources to help you get started. In this post we will tell you about 11 ways you can use Facebook to drive your business forward, from getting your social media accounts up and running to growing your audience and reaching new customers.


The first step is simply getting started with Facebook. You can learn more about the basics of how it all works here at Facebook or check out our post on setting up a Facebook page. Once you’re comfortable with the basics, it’s time to move beyond the basics and start working on actual campaigns.


We’ve put together a list of 11 (and counting) ways that you can use Facebook to grow your business and make money online, starting with the most basic of campaigns: just getting started!


  1. Get Your Social Media Accounts Up And Running The easiest way to get started with Facebook is just by signing up for an account right now! You don’t need special skills or any specific knowledge of Facebook, but what you need are some basic tools… If it isn’t already set up, sign into your account here:


  1. Start Creating Engagement Campaigns One of the best ways to build an audience on Facebook is through engagement campaigns, which pay out once people like something that isn’t a fan page or friend request – something specific about your company or brand. On Facebook, you can create ads for free before they go live – so we recommend that you start small with the following types of ads: •• •• Twitter Ads (on Twitter) Email Ads (on MailChimp) Pinterest Ads (on Pinterest) Instagram Ads (on Instagram) Snapchat Ads (on Snapchat) Google+ Ads (on Google+)


  1. Grow Your Audience And Reach New Customers When people like different things from different users, they are more likely to be interested in buying from them again – which means spending money on them again as well! This allows brands who are active on smaller social networks like Twitter and Instagram to reach new audiences who might not be interested in buying from them directly yet… This method also allows brands who tend not to bother with marketing on larger social networks like Google+ or Pinterest because they aren’t as active there yet to boost their existing audience by

However, what many people don’t know is that you can actually get a free Facebook account


If you’re thinking, “Wow, if I could just get one of these accounts for free, I’d be set,” you’re not alone. It’s a thought that a lot of people have.


A lot of people do get them for free, but it requires a bit of work. Here’s how to do it:

First, you need to find a company or mentor who will help you get the account for free. This is the hard part because there are some ethical issues with working with freelancers who are trying to make money off your name – so I’d recommend finding someone in your network who is a Facebook power user and has earned at least 10+ friends.


Once they agree to do this, and give their phone number to the person contacting you (make sure they’re okay with this), they will send out an email that contains your name and contact information along with your Facebook password in exchange for $10 (or whatever amount is agreed upon). This will be sent via email directly to your friend’s inbox – no other contacts need be involved unless they choose to be involved (and even then only if that person agrees to send it or agree to pass it on). Also make sure that the person sending this email knows about this project so that he can help get it finished. This might seem like an unnecessary step; after all, why would someone give me their Facebook password?


It’s not necessary if you don’t want it; or in my case which I think makes sense anyway since I’m not going to use Facebook at all for the foreseeable future anyway! But then again its really up to each person as long as they’re okay with sharing their passwords on social media sites.

Once you’ve gotten someone’s permission and made sure they know everything works properly – then head over here  and fill out this form . They’ll then e-mail back confirming everything worked correctly so make sure everything looks good before pressing send. Then wait until the account has been approved by Facebook! It should take less than 24 hours (or less than 3 days) before your account is ready and ready for use – no more than three days though because it depends on what kind of service is being provided by the company/s where you got your account from – generally most aren’t comfortable taking credit cards etc., so don’t forget that part!


Here are 11 ways to get a free Facebook account


You know, I just had a quick look at the Facebook ad network, and I can see why it is so difficult to get your Facebook ads placed.


I’m sure you’re aware that Facebook takes a one-click “opt in” approach to its online advertising system, which means that you have to be logged into Facebook as a user (or have your account set up as an “Other Group”), and then click on a Facebook ad (or any other ad from the social advertising network). This seems like a bit of a pain. Especially considering that you are likely already logged into Facebook anyway.


However, there is an easy fix: sign up for a free (for 1 year) or paid (for 3 years) suite of services like Ad Networks Select Network, or Ad Exchange — both of which offer the option of using their own proprietary database of ads for your online advertising needs.


One of these will come loaded with all kinds of different ads: some will be for free, others for money, etc. As an example, let’s assume you want to run an Ad Network Select-style strategy:

1) If you are already logged into Facebook as someone who looks like they might be interested in “Facebook Products & Services” — then click on one of the Ad Networks Select-style ads that have these tags attached to them.


2) If not then I recommend running one yourself

3) Once you’ve gotten those ads in place try out running them with this post and the link above linking to the page itself.


4) Once logged in go ahead and click on one of these ads; in my case I clicked on one labeled


Create a new email address specifically for your Facebook account


Your email address is probably the most important piece of information you have about yourself. It is your identity and it powers a whole workflow of online services, from job applications to social media accounts. A lot of people use unique email addresses for their Facebook accounts and it can be a struggle to keep track of them all.


When you are trying to boost your Facebook presence, there are two things you should be aware of:


  • There are a ton of different ways to get an email address and make one.
  • You shouldn’t share your email address with anyone (even if you want them to).

If you have been using a business or professional Facebook account for years, then you may already know this already, but there are many people who don’t. And that’s pretty worrying! Unfortunately, businesses tend to treat their business profiles — with names like “CEO” or “Marketing Manager” — as if they were personal profiles. Even worse, they look at those business profiles as if they were their own identities instead of the other way around (often calling them “My Business Account” or “Account Details”). And that can be really confusing. So what do you do?


The first thing is to use an alternative profile name (one that won’t give away your real name). But what should it be? Well…

  • It should be made up of words that aren’t used in connection with other services — like “Sales Manager,” “Operations Manager,” or “Marketing Account Executive.”


  • It should have a friendly name but not sound too similar to the real thing — like “Doe Sales Account Executive (I Am A Marketing Person) Or Doe Marketing Account Executive (I Am A Salesperson).


  • It should avoid nouns and numbers that don’t relate directly with content on the website (like “Doe Sales Rep” or “Doe Marketing Rep”).


Now, if you want the full list on how to think about naming things here, read this other post here . In short: make sure the domain isn’t going anywhere so it’s easy for others to find it later; make sure the name sounds different; and remember that people will feel more comfortable sharing your name than your avatar picture (which might just lead fans/followers/people rooting for.