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What To Consider When Choosing a Small Business Server

For a small business, it’s important that you’re selecting the right server as it will have a big impact on the efficiency of the operations. It should be scalable enough as the needs of your business will change over time. In this post, we’re going to look at what makes a good server for small business and the essential components that are needed to keep it operational.

Understanding The Function of the Server For Your Small Business

Small and medium-size businesses should look for a server that meets their needs. As we’ve already mentioned, needs will change especially when the business is growing. You don’t want to be looking for a Computerease IT Support every time there is a need for a new system to be installed because the server can’t scale. The hardware in place should be sufficient enough to deal with any sudden traffic spikes in your system. In a small business, there are some common uses of a server and they include:

Hosting a website: Your website needs to be up and running at all times. As more and more people get online, having a website is no longer an option but a necessity. The server will make it possible for your audience to access your content. A good server could be the difference between appearing on page one and not showing anywhere at all.

Hosting emails: Email communication is important for a business. You can get away with using Gmail and Yahoo mails but it’s best to transition to a domain-specific email if the business is to appear professional and business servers offer that.

Hosting apps: There is no need of investing in additional hardware for work or storage when the server can be used to host all the business apps. There are in-house apps that are essential to the operations of the business. Such apps need to be always online ready to be deployed when necessary.

Data backup: Disaster can strike your business at any time. If you depended on physical hardware for operations, it’s possible never to recover from the calamity. Business servers make it possible to backup important data that are crucial to the functioning of the business.

The Operating System

It will be virtually impossible to run a server without an operating system. Think of the computer you use at home. It will be unusable if it doesn’t have an operating system installed. That is why software is just as important as hardware for your business server. Linus and Windows OS are the most common operating systems for business servers. Linus is an open-source solution and provides better security against hacks. It might require some level of technical expertise. You don’t want to be figuring out everything on your own when the work can be outsourced.

Depending on your needs, you might have to choose between dedicated and cloud servers. Experts recommend a combination of the two so as to have the best of both worlds for your business.

Insuring Your Warehouse Inventory

Warehouses are tasked with keeping inventory safe and in like-new condition. Even though warehouses are designed to preserve inventory and for handling everything carefully, mistakes happen, and products get damaged occasionally. When this happens, customers lose out on their products, and they face monetary losses. This is a real issue, but it’s one that most warehouses address to keep their customers happy. Modern warehouses rely on insurance on the inventory they manage. This is often known as cargo insurance, and it’s an important feature to look for when looking for a warehouse. Choosing b2b ecommerce solutions can be difficult and time-consuming to do when first beginning to work with a new warehouse, but insurance should always be a feature you look for when searching for different providers to work with. 


Why Cargo Insurance is Important


Cargo insurance is vital to business owners that rely on warehouses to handle valuable inventory for them. This insurance covers damaged, lost, or stolen inventory in a warehouse setting, which means that your business won’t suffer serious damages if something goes wrong. Without this insurance, you could be left with significant debt that negatively impacts your business. That’s a serious issue and could even cause your company to go bankrupt or to struggle in some situations. With insurance in place, these minor problems won’t impact your business seriously, and you can continue running like normal. 


Without quality cargo insurance, you could end up losing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars due to transport or warehouse mistakes. This is too large of a risk for many business owners, and it’s something you should take care to avoid. 


Finding a Warehouse that Insures its Inventory


Not all warehouses offer a guarantee that your cargo will be protected and kept in its original condition. There are some warehouses that offer lower prices but put the risk on you if something goes wrong. These facilities are okay to work with, but you’ll want to obtain your own insurance to protect your company’s goods in order to avoid high costs. Always ask about any guarantees a warehouse offers before you begin working with it. You need to know if your items are protected or if you have to obtain insurance to secure that protection instead. 


Enjoy the Confidence that Comes with Protection


Once you find a warehouse that offers cargo insurance, you’ll always know that your inventory is protected and that you will get back the full value of your items if something happens. The confidence that knowing this gives you will feel amazing and will make running your business more enjoyable and easier overall. 


It’s important to insure any business inventory you’re going to store in a warehouse, whether you own the warehouse or not. Don’t leave your company’s inventory up to chance, pay for insurance and enjoy the protection you need to run your business successfully. By making a small investment into your business with this insurance, you’ll feel more confident and will be able to run your business more profitably as well. 

Knowing When You Need New Shutters

A new, beautiful, and aesthetical shutter makes your house seem more vibrant. There is no need to embarrass yourself in front of your friends, family, or even colleagues with rusty window shutters when you can request a company like Southern Custom Shutters to install new ones. When you are ready to purchase a window shutter, you need to ask yourself the following questions: 

Are Your Shutters Outdated?

Your shutters might be in a perfect state, but with the new trends coming along, you need to upgrade. Over the years’ unique colors and materials for shutters are created. Sticking to the old shutters while the people are switching up makes you get tired of the old ones. In this case, it is time to upgrade to new and better ones.   On the other hand, you might have decided to change your home theme and get new curtains, chairs, or paintings. It is only fair to change your shutters because the outdated shutter would not match your new theme.

Are Your Shutters Broken or Shabby?

Over time shutters break, or the hinges get worn out to the point that you are now tired of regularly repairing the shutters. The worn-out shutters are a sign that you need to buy new ones. Furthermore, broken shutters make your house, office, or room look shabby. As a result, the broken shutters affect your confidence since you would not want your friends and family to visit you as often as you would like them to come. It is time to bring that family meeting or event to your house after you upgrade your confidence and your shutters.

Are Your Shutters Still Working as Intended?

When shutters grow old, they tend to stop functioning correctly. Some shutters get stuck and stop opening. Others produce a squeaking sound when opened or closed, making it uncomfortable for the person opening the window and the people in the room. Therefore, you should upgrade your shutters by replacing them one at a time so that they serve the proper purposes like opening your windows with ease and as often as you want.

Are You Replacing Your Windows?

Replacing of windows is done if:

  • the windows are scratched and don’t appear clear anymore
  • the windows are broken.
  • You want windows that are of better quality or stronger ones.

When upgrading or replacing your windows, you should also consider replacing your shutters. First, if your windows keep breaking, you can get more robust shutters that protect your windows from physical damage. Secondly, if you are replacing your windows with better quality ones, change your shutters to complement your windows. Lastly, if the shutters are banging on your windows because they are old, you need to replace them to stop the windows from breaking.

Are Your Shutters Discoloring or Growing Mold?

Old shutters, especially the ones made from wood, tend to grow mold and discolor. Shutters from some parts of the room tend to be more infected by mold than the other rooms. For example, the kitchen and the bathroom shutters have more molds and discolor faster because the shutters often contact steam and water. Therefore, you should upgrade them to qualities that are resistant to water.

Is It Cheaper to Purchase New Shutters?

Take advantage of sales or discounts and buy the shutters when you can easily afford them. Some companies give price reduction offers for purchase or installations or both. Be on the lookout for companies with offers because you will spend less on purchasing them than regular prices.

Do I Need a US Tax ID Number When Importing Into the United States?

Businesses that are interested in expanding into the United States, especially product-based businesses, need to understand a few things that will make the process seamless for them. As a business owner who wishes to import products into the United States, there is a need to obtain a US Tax ID to facilitate the process.

To ensure that the process of importing products into the United States is seamless, below are some of the recommendations that you may need.


US Custom Brokers


Goods arriving in the United States are required to be Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) or free from custom clearance charges or import taxes. To make this happen, business owners or importers are advised to work with customs brokers to bring their products into the United States market. Although there is no legal requirement for a business owner to hire a customs broker, you should learn more about Sherpack and the advantages offered to your business. Working with a licensed customs broker saves you a lot of stress, especially as the broker is in charge of filling out the paperwork required to obtain the proper documentation to complete the import.


How To Get Your US Tax ID Number


To successfully shop your product or merchandise into the United States, customs demand that the owner of the product has a United States Federal Tax ID number. The Tax ID Number is also known as the Employer ID Number with a United States mailing address, If you do not have a federal tax ID and wish to import items into the United States, below are some of the recommended methods to obtain what you need.


Method 1: Incorporate your business in the United States


To incorporate your business in the United States, visit and ask for an Employer Identification Number (EIN). A US mailing address is required as part of the registration process, however, if you do not have one, you can get a mail forwarding address from the platform. If you wish to speak to staff by phone for a better understanding of the process, call 1-888-340-7239. After the process, your EIN is processed and you can begin the importation process.


Method 2: Visit IRS Online for a Personal Tax ID


Alternatively, you can obtain an EIN or Tax ID Number from the IRS online. Visit to get started. When you visit the link, you can begin the process of creating a tax ID number for yourself, however, if the website link becomes inaccessible, you can fill out Form SS-4 (Application for Employer Identification Number) to get started.


If you run into any trouble completing this form, call 267-941-1099 to connect with the International Bureau of IRS registrations to seek guidance. If you are unable to place the call, you can submit the form via mail, although this can easily take 30 days or more for processing, thus not advised.


Confirm That the Goods You Have Can Be Imported


To ensure that you are on the safe side, it is recommended that you confirm that the goods you intend on shipping into the United States are allowed prior to processing the requirement. Be sure to identify the regulations that surround imports as well as what those regulations mean for you.

What You Need To Start Your Own Cleaning Business

Starting a business is not easy. A great way to ensure that you do not fail is to get as much information as possible about the business you intend to start. For people who intend to start a cleaning business, there are some important things that you need to know about putting together a cleaning business. To save you the stress of trial and error and also to reduce the chances of failure, below are some of the things you need to pay attention to.


Industry research


One of the very best ways to get the best of any business start-up is to seek out as much information as is available about the business. For a cleaning business, it is recommended that you do your industry research to better understand what the services are like, what the cleaning crew is like, as well as what is required to get a business up and running in the cleaning industry.


By carrying out in-depth research into the industry, you will get to understand better whether you want to establish an agency or an individual cleaning company. You will also get an idea of what is obtainable in the industry with regards to cleaning service packages, prices, and more.


Set a Reasonable Cleaning Business Budget


When it comes to establishing a business, budgeting is of the essence. Setting a cleaning business budget that is reasonable will help you to put all of the essentials for your business to run on the ground. Experts recommend performing the first few cleaning jobs on your own as this gives you an idea of what is needed on the job as well as helps you to build a clientele list.


Be sure to, as part of the cleaning business budget, accommodate for the replacement of cleaning products for when they run out. You may also set aside some money for the maintenance, repair, and servicing of cleaning equipment.


Prioritize Cleaning Equipment


Cleaning equipment will definitely improve the quality of your life, business, and service delivery. Having set a reasonable cleaning budget now is the time to dig deep into the budget to get the essential cleaning equipment that is right for your needs. Based on earlier research, you should be able to pick out the essential equipment for the type of cleaning services you are offering, whether commercial or residential cleaning services.


While choosing the equipment, you should also consider the type of cleaning products to buy. Many customers are more interested in green cleaning and based on the research on your target market, you should be able to determine which product your customers will find the most appealing.


Choose a Brand Name


Your brand name should be unique and shouldn’t be one that is already in use to avoid a conflict of interest. Be sure to think long and hard about your brand name as this will be what your business is recognized as in years to come. After selecting a perfect business name, register your business name to prevent others from using it, and then proceed to set up proper licensing for your startup cleaning business by following the local ordinances. You may have to work with an expert to make this process seamless and hassle-free.


Starting a cleaning business is fun and challenging, check out Amazing Maids Boise here for more information on cleaning businesses.

Business Saving Tips for Small Businesses

If you run a small business, you might not have a lot of resources at your disposal. You’ll be forced to make do of what you have. Every penny counts and it is crucial that you’re disciplined when it comes to money management. There are some business saving tips that will come in handy if you’re just starting out. We’re going to use the case study of how Locksmith Wilmington exercises financial management. The same tips can be applied in other kinds of business if you care about growth and long-term results.

Sponsor Community Events

For a local business, you’ll be targeting people that are based in a particular geographical area. You can partner with other businesses to create a high-quality event that gets the community engaged. This will also be an opportunity to showcase your products or services to potential customers. When it comes to locksmith service, the local community needs to know that there is someone that can be trusted in case of an emergency. When you sponsor events, you create free publicity for your business which is always going to work to your advantage.

Reviewing Expenses

You want to make sure that the processes in your company are streamlined. This will call for a review of operating expenses. The day to day expenditures can have a big impact on the finances at the end of the month. If the money that is being spent is not accounted for, it will be hard to keep track of the spending. Make sure that you’re going through the operating expenses so that you have an idea of the areas that can be improved when it comes to cost-cutting measures.

DIY Marketing

Nothing beats word of mouth when it comes to marketing. This is especially true if you run a local business. Locksmith Wilmington is always focused on providing the best services for clients. Most of their business is through word of mouth. Putting your best foot forward is going to help in promoting your business without having to spend a fortune on marketing. It will obviously be costly when you’re thinking about hiring a PR firm. For a business that is just starting out, you’ll not have a lot to spend on marketing. You need to be inventive when it comes to promoting your business and there will always be opportunities to do so.

Invest in New Technology

Locksmith Wilmington is always investing in new technology to make their processes and operations efficient. This should also be the case for any kind of business. You just need to identify the technology that works for your business and how it is going to improve productivity. When you invest in the right technology, you can automate time-consuming processes so that your team can focus on providing value for the customer. This will improve the overall efficiency of the operations and you’re likely to see cost-saving benefits as a result. Technology is always going to come in handy regardless of the business you’re in. 

Improving Employee Performance in a Service Business

The success of any company will depend on the performance of the employees. You’re definitely not the first company that will have trouble in clearly defining what tasks should be assigned and how the whole process should be managed.

Maximizing the potential of the team can seem like a foggy area given the dynamics involved but it is imperative that you’re overcoming the challenges if the business is to be successful. Before you can come up with a solution, it is important to get the root cause of why employees could be underperforming. We’re going to use the case study of how Charlotte Gutter Cleaners is using Online Scheduling Apps to improve team performance.

To start with, Charlotte Gutter Cleaners is a company that provides gutter cleaning service in Charlotte. They’ve been embracing apps to improve the productivity and performance of the team.

Communication of Clear Expectations

Communication is key in this line of business. The team needs to be constantly aware of what is expected of them and the customer will have the final say when it comes to the quality of work. With scheduling apps, employees are aware of what is expected of them at any given time. There is also the continuity of expectations through constant communication and also including the client’s feedback in the communication.

Developing a Priority

What are the priorities when it comes to dealing with clients? Customer satisfaction is one of the main priorities for any line of business and gutter cleaning is no exception. The apps can help in closing the skill gap so that the needs of the clients are being addressed in a more efficient manner.

Works in Improving Morale

The team will work at their best when the environment is encouraging. You need to make processes seamless so that they’re not having a hard time executing their duties. With apps, employees understand their role better which will be beneficial for the company. They will act in the best interest of the company which will pay dividends in the end because they’re committed and are willing to go all out.

Empowered Employees

Numerous studies have shown that empowered employees are likely to do their jobs well compared to those that are not motivated. Sometimes you need to demonstrate this by actions and what better way to do it than through the use of technology? Employees want to have the authority to make decisions and this will be made possible with the use of data that will always be at their disposal.

Using the Right Technologies

Charlotte Gutter Cleaners has invested in the right technology that has seen improvement in performance and engagement almost on a daily basis. An organization will thrive and succeed when the right tools and technology are used. As the head of the company, you should create time to meet up with the team and not just rely on technology. You don’t want to wait until the company is experiencing serious problems before you can start looking for a solution.