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Will My Auto Accident Case Go to Trial?

Even though negotiating with an insurance firm may fail to give you the outcome you are seeking after a car accident, you should speak to experienced attorneys for car accidents in Atlanta when choosing to pursue an injury claim to get fair compensation. 

Most car accident cases will not get to trial. In fact, several situations will see the offender or the insurance firm seek compensation to evade the legal expenses of getting to trial. Depending on the evidence, settlement may be the best option. 

Still, some claims get to court. The essential thing you need to do is work with an experienced attorney to help you get the compensation you deserve. 

Several Car Accident Claims Will Be Settled Out of Court, But Some Go to Court

Suppose the insurance firm chooses to mistreat you. In that case, you may find it necessary to offer the insurance company with more details to make your position stronger and to get more information on where the firm’s position is at. If you want to get this information without hassles, you will have to file an injury claim. 

During the following trial process, the injury attorney will have the chance to get the crucial information from the defendant or the insurance company. Also, we will give the defendant access to the information so that he or she may assess the claim without bias. The information may include medical records, photos, or videos of car accidents, property damage, and witness statements. Once both parties have the essential information to assess the claim carefully, the injury attorney will help you during the negotiations. In situations where the case can’t be resolved through negotiations, a mediator may be contacted. 

If the defendant doesn’t treat the claim fairly and doesn’t offer the right settlement, an experienced personal injury lawyer will take the case to court and try to get compensation for you. Don’t ignore the advice provided by your personal injury lawyer. Even if the claim gets to trial several times, you may get a fair settlement before the judge issues the verdict. 

If the Car Accident Claim Gets to Court, Who Will Decide My Claim?

When you take the car accident claim to court, you deserve a jury trial. The jury will examine the evidence, look at how the facts are presented, and make their verdict. That means if there are discrepancies at trial as to how the accident happened, the jury will look at the evidence presented by your injury attorneys and make the right choice.  

If the trial is a jury trial, the jury will be given evidence in court, decide who was wrong and how much should be paid in compensation by the insurance firm. During the trial, you and the at-fault party can offer evidence. Also, car accident cases can be presided over by a judge. Like at the jury trial, the judge will examine the facts and decide who was at fault. It will happen when the claimant and defendant abandon a jury trial. You will need to speak to an injury lawyer to understand your options. 

The Person That Hit Me Doesn’t Have Insurance: What Can I Do?

No one looks forward to being involved in a car accident, but you will be comfortable if you know the other motorist’s insurance firm might compensate you. Yet, what if the driver who hit you doesn’t have car insurance? Or what if you were hit by someone who can’t be identified?

In both situations, things can become more challenging, and that’s why you need to talk to Angell Law Firm discussing auto accident cases. Not only will you have peace of mind, but you will have more time to do other things as a professional injury attorney does all the work. Here are some things you need to do should you find yourself in a similar situation. 

What You Need to Do Immediately After an Uninsured Driver Hit You

It doesn’t matter how the car accident occurred with the uninsured motorist or what you intend to do. The first step will be getting evidence ASAP. The best thing about the process is that you can start immediately after the accident. 

Here are six things you need to do to have a strong case against the driver who hit you. 

After the Car Accident, Contact the Police 

In Georgia, you need to report the accident to law enforcement offices should you have injuries or the damage worth over $500. This applies to most car accidents. After the accident has happened, call the police and tell them you were involved in a car accident. 

There are instances where the other motorist may attempt to persuade you not to call the police or say they will cover the damages. It is common, especially when you are dealing with uninsured drivers. Why? Because they know they will be in serious trouble once you report the accident. Still, you need to put your needs first if you don’t want to lose your legal rights. Ensure you report the accident if you’re going to get the compensation you deserve. 

Capture Photos

If you believe the other driver doesn’t have insurance or is nervous or acting weird—you may have to take photos, videos, and the car. If the individual chooses to leave the scene in a hurry, you will have photo evidence. 

Share Crucial Information with Law Enforcement Officers

When the police arrive at the accident scene, you will have to give out personal information. So, it would be best if you had the information ready. You can exchange the information with the other driver. Having the info ready after a car accident will ensure that you are protected if the offender tries to evade responsibility. 


Reach Out to Your Car Insurance Company

After a car accident, you should report the case to your insurance firm, especially if the other party doesn’t have insurance. You will understand what your insurance will cover. 

Call an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer

If you have severe injuries that your car insurance doesn’t cover, you need to speak to a professional car accident attorney to weigh your options. You don’t have to pay for the errors of someone else’s negligence—even if the individual lacks insurance.

Seek Medical Attention

Ensure you visit a medical officer as soon as possible to get your injuries treated. It is crucial as you will have a record of obtaining medical treatment to show the insurance firm. Also, you will get treated early and prevent injuries from becoming worse. 

What You Should Avoid Doing After an Accident

Following a car accident, drivers are well-known to say and do things that can impact their chances of getting a fair settlement for the injuries sustained. Even minor car accidents can make the most composed driver get unreasonable, anxious, and angry. Major accidents will leave victims confused and dazed. So, if you are involved in a car accident, you should contact the injury attorneys at The Angell Law Firm to know what to do next. 

Even though the accident may have left you injured or confused to think clearly, it is essential to remain calm and follow what your lawyer will tell you to do. Below are things drivers need to avoid immediately after an accident. 

Don’t Discuss Your Claim with the Other Party’s Lawyer or Insurance Firm.

It’s common for victims who have been in a car accident to receive calls from the offender’s insurance firm hours after an accident. Also, the victims will get calls from the attorney. As the victim, it is crucial to keep in mind that the offender’s attorney is doing their job to defend the individual. Moreover, insurance firms are well known to make money and minimize the total amount paid out in compensation. So, if you receive a phone call from the offender’s representatives, you should decline to speak to anyone. The best thing to do is refer the calls from the offender’s attorney or insurance firm to your personal injury lawyer. 

Don’t Share Photos of Your Injuries on Social Media.

In the world, today, sharing text, photos, and videos on social media have become the norm for most people. It is challenging not to find a Facebook feed that doesn’t have political rants, photos of people having fun, baby images, and more. An event such as a car accident will be shared on social media by most people in most situations. For most, it is social media worthy. 

Still, several people will not know that social media can have consequences, especially when the victim is pursuing an injury claim. In most car accident claims, victims will be seeking compensation for their pain and trauma. Some injuries can be so severe that the victims can find it challenging to do their daily activities. If a victim claims to be in pain and can’t go to work, the claims will not be taken seriously if they post images of fun times with friends, traveling, etc. Since social media is public, the opposing lawyer or the insurance firm could use the posts to justify lowering the settlement offer or withdrawing it. 

Don’t Take the Compensation Offered Without Consulting an Injury Lawyer.

Another thing you need to avoid doing is taking the settlement offer immediately after the accident. Insurance firms will want to avoid paying a massive amount before the victim evaluates the situation. In several cases, the settlement offers are low, and the victims go home with just a fraction of what they are supposed to get. Determining the worth of a car accident’s claim is challenging for victims who don’t know the Georgia personal injury law. That’s why it is vital to speak to an experienced injury attorney before you do anything. 

How to Pay Medical Bills Before You Get Your Settlement

When dealing with personal injury claims, most people will want to get compensated for previous and future medical bills. As you wait, you will need money to cater for the expenses. Fortunately, you will have options. There are scenarios where, before the case settles, you will need the help of medical malpractice lawyers in Chicago to know how to go about it to get a fair settlement. 

Dealing with a personal injury claim is stressful, and most people don’t like worrying about medical expenses while recovering from severe injuries. Some claims can take months for them to be settled. So, the big question is – how do you pay the medical bills while you recover and wait for compensation? Here are the things you need to know. 

Using Your Medical Insurance Cover

If you have medical insurance coverage, you can take advantage of the coverage to pay for the medical expenses as you wait for settlement in your injury claim. The insurance company will pay what your policy states, but you will have to cater to some deductibles. If you have an ongoing injury lawsuit, you need to keep in mind that the health insurance provider might claim that you owe them once settlement has been paid. This will happen because they will want to be refunded for medical expenses they covered after the accident. Since they will pay your medical costs, the injury attorney will need to take money from the settlement to reimburse them. Health insurance is essential if you want to pay your medical bills as you wait for compensation. 

How Long Will It Take to Get a Fair Settlement?

Several personal injury claims will take several months to a year before you get a fair settlement. However, these cases are simple ones that can be solved in private meetings and sometimes full trials. If you have a complicated injury claim, it might take a long time before the case is solved. Irrespective of what’s going on, you don’t have to think about taking loans or worrying about losing your house over unpaid medical bills. A professional personal injury attorney will strive to get you the settlement that you deserve. Also, they will ensure the doctors provide the right treatment that you need for you to recover. Visiting a reliable health care center will protect you from overpaying. 

If the medical facility is not ready to offer high-quality treatment or worry that you will be unable to pay the medical bills, you may have to pursue the injury claim. Once you start the process, the injury attorney will be there to increase your chances of getting the settlement you need. 

Talk to an Experienced Attorney

If you are injured, don’t make the mistake of waiting a long time until you are dealing with a huge medical bill to pursue an injury claim. If the injuries sustained were because of another person’s negligence, you should seek a settlement from the offender. Working with a personal injury lawyer will help you file an injury claim against the offender and get compensated for medical expenses, emotional trauma, and lost wages. 

What to Do If You’re in a Car Accident

It is reported that there are over five million car accidents each year in America. Luckily, most accidents will cause property damage only. And that means vehicle damage. However, there will be accidents that will cause personal injuries to passengers or motorists. Some injuries will be fatal. If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you will have to protect yourself by contacting auto accident attorneys in Chicago

Here are four things you need to do after being involved in a car accident. 

Provide an Accurate Statement

When law enforcement arrives at the accident scene, you need to be prepared to tell the officer what happened without leaving out crucial details. If you can’t remember what happened, you need to make it clear to him or her. Don’t fabricate or speculate. You may get yourself in trouble if you don’t speak the truth. If you are injured, make sure you say it to the officer. In most cases, injuries will be apparent a few hours after the accident. You should ensure the statements provided by other parties involved are accurate. 

Share Essential Information to Law Enforcement

Naturally, the police officer involved in your case will have to get the right information. Yet, if the officer does not arrive at the scene as soon as possible, you need to get personal details of the parties involved. That means the driver and the passengers. Also, you will need to know whether the people involved are insured. If there was a witness or witnesses, you need to speak to them. If possible, you can allow the lawyer to contact them. If a police officer arrives at the scene, they will offer the driver a report number. The number is vital since it will be used to get a police report. Ensure you cooperate with law enforcement if you want to avoid problems. 

Get Medical Attention

In most situations, car accidents will cause injuries that will not be apparent unless you seek medical attention. Most victims will report the injuries after a day following a car accident. If you are not sure, you need to seek medical attention from a nearby health care center or talk to your doctor. Even after a minor car accident, you can suffer from a severe injury. If you were dazed for a short time after a collision, you might suffer from internal bleeding. If not detected early, it can cause behavioral changes. 

Consult a Personal Injury Attorney

The most crucial thing you need to do after a car accident is to speak to a professional injury attorney. The lawyer will protect you as you pursue the claim and will ensure evidence has not tampered. Often, most insurance firms will want to get the statements. You must understand your options before offering a statement. Speaking to an experienced personal injury lawyer will help when you decide to pursue an injury claim. The attorney will provide legal advice and will increase your chances of getting a fair settlement. You will also have the opportunity to recover as he or she works hard to get you what you deserve. They work on a contingency fee basis. That means legal fees will be dependent on you getting compensation.