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How to React After a Car Accident To Legally Protect Yourself

Nobody plans on getting into a car accident, and it’s natural to panic a bit after the fact. Things are even more intense if you or a loved one gets injured during the collision. There are specific steps you should follow directly after getting into a car accident in order to protect you and your loved ones. We’ll outline the most important steps below. Consider writing them down and keeping them in your vehicle, along with any useful contact information, so you’re ready if you do get into an accident. 


Get to Safety

The most important step for you to follow after getting into an accident is to get you and your loved ones to safety. That means getting away from a heavily damaged vehicle if it’s on fire or it may combust for some reason. It also means getting away from the scene of the accident if it’s on a busy road or another hazardous environment. Do what’s necessary to make sure everyone on the scene is as safe as possible. 


Document the Accident

The next step is to document the accident as much as possible. This is especially important if you believe the other driver is at fault. Take photos with your phone, write down any details of the event you can remember, and try to capture every bit of information you can about the event. 


Gather Information from the Other Party

Along with getting information about the accident itself, it’s important to get as much information from any other driver involved as well. Get their names, snap photos of license plates, get photos of insurance cards, and anything else you can. The more information you have about the other people involved, the better. This is all information that your insurance company and your attorney can use. 


Don’t Admit Responsibility

Even if you believe you are the reason the accident occurred, don’t make the mistake of admitting responsibility to anyone. The accident could have been caused by elements out of your control that you don’t know about. Never admit responsibility, or you set yourself up for a potential lawsuit while hiring your chances of a successful insurance claim. 


When is the Best Time to Contact an Attorney? 


If you’ve been injured in a car accident, it’s important to avoid talking with an insurance company until after you’ve spoken with an Injury lawyer in Orange County. A skilled attorney can prepare you to talk with your insurance company and even deal with the insurance claim process on your behalf. Every insurance company is interested in paying out as little money as possible for a car accident. Talking with any insurance provider too soon could result in you saying the wrong thing and putting yourself at a serious disadvantage when it comes time to negotiate compensation for your injuries. By talking with a qualified lawyer, you can avoid this risk and give yourself the best chance of achieving substantial compensation. 


File a Police Claim

After speaking with your attorney briefly, you want to get a police officer out to the scene of the accident so they can document information related to the accident. Call local law enforcement to the scene if an officer isn’t already there and provide the officer with specific information about the accident. The information will get put into a police report, and you or your lawyer can obtain a copy of that report when filing a claim and fighting for compensation. 


Write down the phone number for an attorney you trust, and keep information for your insurance provider, local law enforcement, and any other experts you want to rely on for help after an accident. Add this information to a paper with these steps listed out, and you’ll feel more confident about how to proceed after getting into an accident. 

I Have A Warrant Out For My Arrest. What Do I Do?

The first and the best thing to do if there’s a warrant for your arrest is to turn yourself in. This way, the court will know that you are a responsible person and the chances for a bail hearing is higher. While it can be hard to walk straight into the hands of law enforcement officers, it is necessary because it can save you a lot of problems in the future. 


If you are in this situation and don’t know what to do, below are some helpful tips on what to do when there’s a warrant for your arrest.  


Talk To A Lawyer


Although turning yourself to the police is the first thing to do in this situation, you should talk to criminal defense lawyers at Patrick B. Courtney, P.A. before that. It is the job of your lawyer to contact the police and make necessary arrangements for you to turn yourself in. 


Prepare To Turn Yourself In


Before going to the authorities, you should write down the names and phone numbers of friends, family, or anyone who can be a surety for you. This will make things easier if you get jailed after turning yourself in. Remember you are not allowed to take personal property with you. 


Know Your Rights


Before turning yourself in you should know your right and know about what the police can or cannot do. The police are only allowed to keep you in their custody if there’s a warrant for your arrest for a few hours. After 24 hours, the police must either let you leave or bring you before a justice of the peace or a judge. They must do this as soon as possible and not cause a delay to your bail hearing. 


Warrants From Out-of-town


In the case where the warrant for your arrest is not from the city where you live,  and you intend on pleading guilty, you can do two things. The first is to surrender to your local police and ask that the charges be transferred to the city where you reside. The other step is to go to the city that issued the warrant for your arrest and turn yourself in. 


In a situation where you plead not guilty, your resident city’s police are likely to hand you over to the city with the warrant. 


Finally, you should know that after a warrant is issued, the police can arrest you anywhere they find you. Depending on your response, they can even force their way into your home. They are also not obligated to bring along a physical copy of your arrest warrant but need to prove that they are legally informed of its existence. Contacting a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible can help you prevent problems that can affect your bail hearing or release in the future. 

Can I Recover Damages If I’m Hurt In An Accident?

Are you involved in an accident where you lost a lot of things or got hurt and you are wondering if you can recover damage? Then this post is for you. To answer your question of whether you can recover damages if you are hurt in an accident, the simple answer is Yes! 


To recover damages after an accident, you necessarily don’t have to get hurt. The fact that you are involved in an accident makes you entitled to some damage recovery from your insurer or that of the party at fault. 


Meanwhile, listed below are the possible damages that you as a car accident victim can recover: 


Property Damages


A car accident not only leads to injury but can also cause damages to your vehicle and other personal properties inside the vehicle. Property damage recovery covers repair or full replacement of your vehicle and other possessions at a fair market price. However, you must prove your damage claim through photographs of the accident scene and eyewitness accounts. In a situation where you handled the repair on your own, the bill must be included as part of your claim. Without all these, you may not recover an accurate recovery for your damages. Contacting a lawyer for car accidents in Salt Lake City is necessary if you want to get the compensation you deserve. 


Medical Expenses


From diagnosis to hospitalization and treatment, the cost of treating and recovering from an accident can be expensive. Thankfully, this is one of the major damages you can recover after a car accident. In the case where you need to continue physical therapy sessions even after treatment, you will need to add these to your medical expenses claim. Statements from your doctor and other medical staff as well as proof of your diagnosis can serve as proof when making your claim. 


Lost Wages


After a car accident, you can also recover your lost wages. This is because you spent the time that you could have used for work and career advancement to recover from an injury. If you also lost a promotion because of your situation, providing proof of this will also help you get a fitting compensation. 


Wrongful Death Damages


When an accident results in the wrongful death of a loved one, damages can be recovered in many ways. These damages may be recovered in form of medical costs, funeral costs, the cost for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and many more. Due to how complicated this issue can be, seeking advice from a lawyer is necessary. 


Finally, you should know that Utah is one of the several states with a “no-fault” insurance system for car accident cases. This means, when an accident occurs, everyone involved is required to file with their respective insurers. This way all individuals involved in the accident will only receive compensation from their respective insurance provider. 


Who Are the Key Parties to a Corporation?

If you are considering starting a company, you should take your time choosing the ideal organizational structure that is appropriate for your business. Is it a partnership or sole proprietorship? Is it an LLC or a corporation? You need to know that there are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to different types. 

Corporations will be accountable to the public and shareholders. If you wish to learn more about management and the positions in a corporation, you need to speak to business attorneys for start-ups. It is essential to think about the functions and parties should you choose to run your company as a corporation. The crucial needs should be met. 

Before you hire anyone, it is vital to understand the job of each individual in a corporation. Read on to find out more. 


Stockholders, better referred to as shareholders, are people, companies, or trusts with shares in the corporation. They own the business. Shareholders will have the right to advise management and do what is necessary to keep the company running smoothly. Hence, their work in the company will be crucial in planning the future of the corporation. The board of directors will need to customize the company’s goals to meet the shareholders’ needs. 

Board of Directors

In a corporation, shareholders will choose a board of directors. The work of the directors will be to oversee the business affairs. Also, they will make sure everyone is following the company’s strategy to see objectives are met. Their job will include analyzing company performance, appointing crucial officers, and ensuring the company’s financials are improving. 

For non-profit organizations, the board of directors will do their best to make sure the organization is running effectively to the public’s advantage. Whatever the scenario, they will be in charge of handling communications and ensuring the organization’s resources are used correctly. These resources will be deployed through the right members. 

The board of directors might have external and internal team members. The external team doesn’t work for the corporation but will attend crucial meetings regularly and assist run the company. In contrast, internal members will have a senior team managing the company. The external unit is vital as they will offer composed and impartial opinions during meetings. The leader is usually the chairman. And he will oversee the sessions. If there is no chairperson, the president or the chief executive officer will be in charge of the meetings. 


Senior Management

In some corporations, they will have positions on the board. But some companies don’t have senior management on the board. Senior management will run company operations and ensure everything goes smoothly without issues. 

Here are some senior management positions:

Chief Executive Officer: He or she holds the top management position in a company. They will act as the team leader, and they will oversee everything. Also, they are responsible for developing strategies. The chief executive offices will answer to the board. He or she can manage board meetings. 

Chief Operations Officer:  The chief operations manager will oversee what goes on in a company daily. This includes marketing. The COO will be second in charge after the CEO. 

Chief Financial Officer: The chief financial officer will be in charge of the company’s finances. During the director’s meeting, he will present the company’s financial history showing crucial budgets, spending, and more. The CEO will lead him. 

Depending on the size and the requirements, a corporation may need other senior roles. 

What is an SR-22 Insurance Form?

Do you know what an SR-22 form is? If not, here is what you need to know. An SR-22 refers to a document filed to show you have met the state’s minimum liability coverage requirements when it comes to an auto insurance policy. It might be known as an FR-44 in Florida and Virginia. 

When dealing with penalties for underage DUI in Seattle, you can reach out to a DUI lawyer to help you. Most people may think the SR-22 is insurance. It isn’t insurance. When you speak to a professional lawyer, you will know that it is a form offered by an insurance firm that shows liability coverage is present in your auto insurance. 

In this article, you will learn more about the SR-22 form and where it is applicable. 

Who Should Get an SR-22?

Not all drivers require the SR-22. Several states have different rules and regulations. But in most cases, motorists might need the insurance firm to file the SR-22 form because of the following situations: 

  • Numerous traffic felonies
  • Imprisoned because of DUI
  • License suspension
  • You caused an accident and didn’t have insurance

Since the SR-22 will be crucial for the situations mentioned above, it will lead to additional insurance coverage charges. 

Understanding SR-22 Requirements 

The state will control auto insurance. That means the requirements to file one will differ according to the state. However, if you require an SR-22, be prepared to be notified by the relevant authorities. If you receive the SR-22 form, you will need to keep it for three years, even though you might keep it for a longer duration. 

When handling the SR-22 and your insurance coverage plan stops, the insurance company will inform the state. Then your license will be suspended until the auto insurance returns to being active. That means there is a possibility of facing severe penalties than the regular motorist whose auto insurance has lapsed. 

But if you receive a notification telling you to keep the SR-22, make sure you understand all that is required. You can enquire and find out how long it is necessary to keep the SR-22 and know what you need to do to avoid unnecessary problems. 

Is Having an SR-22 Essential and How Long Does One Need to Have It?

As mentioned before, SR-22 requirements may vary depending on the state. But here are some rules to know:

  • You are required to possess an SR-22 form that shows a nonstop insurance policy that has been running for not less than three years (In some states, it could be longer).
  • If the insurance coverage plan expires, the insurance firm needs to inform the state. 
  • If you don’t agree to the terms in the SR-22, your license may be suspended. 
  • After meeting the state’s requirements, the SR-22 situation will be lifted. 

If You Don’t Have a Car, Should You Get an SR-22?

Regardless of whether you have a car or not, you might be needed to get the SR-22 auto insurance coverage and the certificate. Also, you need to know that you can be accountable for property damage or personal injury should you get into a car accident with a rental or borrowed car. 

There are instances where you could get your license suspended and need the SR-22. It will be helpful if you’re looking to restore your driving rights. If you are looking to get the SR-22 form, you need to talk to the insurance firm and ask for the documents. 

What Are The Statistics For Spousal Abuse In The U.S.

Spousal abuse can also be denoted as domestic violence. Spousal abuse occurs when an intimate partner chooses to act in a way that puts the health of the other partner at risk. Spousal abuse can be in the form of physical abuse, emotional abuse, or sexual violence.


It is important to note that anyone can be a victim of spousal abuse irrespective of their age, gender, race, ethnicity, social status, economic background, or sexual orientation.


The United States Department of Justice revealed in a recent statistic that about 1.3 million women and 835,000 men are reported victims of spousal abuse.


Spousal abuse has a lot of consequences, especially on the victim. In most cases, the effects also extend to their immediate family members.


Effects of Spousal Abuse


Spousal abuse has a lot of effects on the psychology of the victim. People who are in violent relationships often undergo a lot of mental and emotional trauma which may affect them and their ability to relate to other people.


Usually, couples who are in a violent relationship experience a cycle, one where the abuser flares up, abuse the other party, inflicts pain, and then apologizes. This cycle, over time, can cause the victim to experience low self-esteem, intense fear, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and in extreme cases, withdrawal from friends, family, and other loved ones.

Other victims of spousal abuse have been reported to exhibit suicidal thoughts and tendencies, insomnia, emotional detachment, loss of interest in things they had considered fun, and more.


Spousal Abuse Statistics in the United States


The United State’s data revealed that at least one in three women and one in four men in the united states have been victims of rape, stalking, and/or physical violence. All of these are perpetrated by a current or former lover.


To better understand the statistics, different sources agree that at least one in ten high school students has been a victim of physical violence in the hands of their partners in a one year period. This lends credibility to other data that stated that children born into homes where spousal abuse is prominent are more likely to become abusers themselves.


24 people, on average,  are reported victims of stalking, physical violence and/or rape by an intimate partner in the United States per minute. This puts the annual figure to over 12 million victims annually.


About 29 percent of women, that is 3 in every 10 women, and 10 percent of men, 1 in every 10 men, are victims of stalking, physical violence by partners, and/or rape. These people have also reported the impact of this attack on their ability to function properly.


About 14.8 percent of women and 4 percent of men in the United States have also been reported to be injured due to spousal abuse. Such injuries may have been due to rape, stalking, and/or physical violence by an intimate partner.


24.3 percent of women and 13.8 percent of men over the age of 18 are reported victims of extreme physical violence in the hands of an intimate partner leading to serious injuries.


An average of 50 percent of women and men across the united states have experienced a form of aggression, mostly psychological, from their intimate partners in their lifetime.


Women between the ages of 18 and 24 and those between 25 and 34 experience the highest rate of spousal abuse in the United States.


Victims of spousal abuse need to act fast to ensure that their lives and sanity are protected. Contacting an attorney may be a viable approach to answering questions about domestic violence in Boston.

How Arbitration and Mediation can Settle a Dispute Outside of the Courtroom

If you’re looking to resolve a dispute out of court, arbitration and mediation will be the way to go. There are circumstances where a lawyer could recommend arbitration as the best possible way to solve a dispute. There is no organization that goes into an agreement with the intention of developing a dispute. There could still be disputes even if you have the best intentions.

There will be a third-party, also known as the arbitrator that will resolve the dispute after hearing both sides of the parties involved. In most instances, the parties will have to make an oral argument in addition to the documents presented. An attorney will still be involved in arbitration to make the oral argument on behalf of their client. There are a couple of reasons why you’d want to use arbitration to resolve disputes and they include:


Unlike judicial proceedings, the arbitration is held behind closed doors unless it is a matter of public interest. This can be helpful if there are sensitive matters that shouldn’t be discussed in public.

Parties Agree on Arbitrator

The parties involved in the dispute will each have a say on the arbitrator that will be handling the case. This is because an arbitrator should be impartial and fair in their judgment. The selection process is based on the expertise and experience of the arbitrator. You can see more info at Cohen Garelick & Glazier website. Since the arbitrator will be well informed and experienced in the area of law, there will be no need of getting them up to speed with the relevant information. The parties involved can decide on a particular institution that will be charged with the responsibility of choosing the mediator.

Faster and Less Expensive

There are no court fees to worry about as you’ll be working directly with the arbitrator. It is also a faster process because you’ll be able to complete everything easily once the parties have come to an agreement. The same matter could take a while if you decide to go to court.

Avoid Hostility

There is a high likelihood of constant disagreements when the case goes to court. Even when the matter has been settled, it could take forever for the hostility to go away. With mediation, there is a relaxed and friendly environment which makes it easy for the parties to agree.  A mutual agreement can only be reached when the parties involved are cooperating with the process.

The arbitrator’s work is to ensure that there is a sensible approach to resolving the dispute. A face to face meeting could be necessary so that those issues are being ironed out. There could be negotiations and that is why it is important to have an attorney involved.

Finality of Award

The decision on the award is final when working with the arbitrator. There are some people that will feel disgruntled because of the fact there is no appeal with an arbitration case.

How To Start Your Own Clothing Brand – 10 Actionable Tips

Are you planning to start your entrepreneurial journey and open a clothing brand? Then there are a few things you need to remember. An online clothing brand is more than just a store. At we rely on creating exquisite apparel designs to make a lasting impression on customers. You can check out the link for more info about our brand and products.

You can do it too, but there is a little math involved behind it. So, for all those would be budding tycoons, we have created these 10 excellent actionable tips that include design, production, packaging, and online tricks to grow your brand. 

Develop Your Identity 

Clothing is essentially a personal choice, so your customer needs to swear by your brand. So, it’s necessary to create a brand identity. Brands ultimately become an extension of your lifestyle and fashion. Your brand also needs to bring something new to appeal to the millennials.

Find Your Audience

Jot down these points before starting your line:

  • Your target customer base
  • Figuring out ways to develop an innovative identity
  • Marketing hacks to open identity areas 
  • Determining a price bracket that’s perfect for sale
  • Devising a customer experience strategy 

Designing Your Product

Just thinking about creating your niche won’t work, but you need to build your design. As a fashion lover, you know how difficult it is to find something nice to wear. 

Promoting your Brand Online 

Digital marketing is one of the critical channels for promoting your online business. Even if you have a store, you need to build brand awareness on social media and involve skilled people in monitoring your presence regularly. You can also seek advice from online community experts for expert tips. 

Set Your Goals

It’s essential to set up your business goals for the successful running of your business. Don’t be scared to set some limits just because you won’t be able to reach it. Also, don’t leave midway only because you are not earning enough. 

Tell Your Story 

It’s important to tell your story and use it to create awareness for your brand. It also involves exploiting social media to market your brand and building a loyal base. Clothing is a personal choice, so weave the best story. 

Decide on Business Type

Before launching your company, decide on the type of business you would incorporate. Also, think about your trade name carefully because it will be difficult to change it later.

Gather Important Documents

Determine the costs before starting your clothing line. 

  • Brand design and logo
  • Marketing costs
  • Materials required for clothing line
  • Hourly wages to cover design
  • Deposit and license fees

Design An Appealing Website

If you’re planning to go online, a stunning website design will work best for you. Fast loading website, well-crafted SEO content, and superior backlinks will flock in customers to your brand. 

Choose Your Manufacturer

When starting your clothing line, choosing a good manufacturer can go miles for your business. Find the right partner by interviewing and determining your costs. 

Set up a press release and kits just before launching your brand. Use social media to hold a virtual launch party that will create additional excitement. 


The construction of a building involves several steps and processes before completion. One of the most important parts in a building’s construction is the roof. It is considered the most physically demanding job in construction because of the altitude at which it is done. Roofing is simply the fixing of roofs. The fixing of the roof is done to prevent the future residents of the building from external forces and harsh conditions.


There are different kinds of roof types based on the shape and the materials used in making them. A roof can either be made from woods, metals, rubber slates, and so much more. Construction workers will usually have to consult with building owners to determine their preference before making a roof purchase. Building owners will be presented with several options, and they can also find out more at Top Glaze Roofing. A roof is essentially structured to consist of either rafters or trusses.




A rafter is a part of the roof structure, and it is usually made from wood. When two rafters are joined together during the roof construction and fixing process, it is called a couple. Just like there are different types of roofs, there are also different types of rafters. These different types of rafters earn their names from their location, shape, and size. Some of the common types of rafters include principal rafters, minor rafter, auxiliary rafter, and so on. Rafters placed down in pairs to support the other components like roof decks and coverings during the roofing process.




This structure of the roof also functions as a supporting assemblage to the other structures that come together to form the roof. Its framework can comprise beams and rods that are either made from wood or metals. Beams are used for support as they help carry the weight of the roof coverings, and the rods are used to strengthen the framework. These beams and rods are assembled to form a triangular cone structure that is then connected to the base of the roof, known as rafter boards, for support. 

Trusses are very similar to rafters in both structures and functions, but the choice to use either of them is usually dependent on the type and the time of construction. It has been noticed that truss is favored in current times. The major difference between rafters and trusses is that trusses comprise two by four materials, which are considerably narrower than the dimensional boards used in rafters.


Regardless of the material used in making a roof, the basic structure of the roof will always consist of either rafters or trusses and beams. It is also possible to convert trusses to rafters. For instance, if a person buys a building with roofing with the trusses structure, there is still a possibility to convert the trusses to rafters. This simply means that in roofing, the possibilities are endless.

What You Need to Know About Returning to Work After a Personal Injury

There are studies that have shown that workers tend to have problems returning to their previous duties when they’ve been away from work after a long time. Your doctor might suggest that you’re in the right physical state to get back to work but it could take a while before you fully adjust to the new predicament. Once the doctor has given the stamp of approval of going to work, you’ll have to show up or risk losing the workers’ compensation benefits. There are some employers that have fair return to work policies that make the transition easy.

When Do You Return to Work?

This is a question that you’re likely to ask yourself when you’ve recently recovered from an injury. Every time you visit the doctor, he or she will make notes about the return to work status. The doctor will determine the conditions that are to be met if you’re to return to work. In some situations, workers will be kept off work until they’ve achieved Maximum Medical Improvement Status.

Return to Work Date

When it comes to the specific return to work date, you’ll have to pay close attention to the orders from the doctor. You should also consult with your attorney to ensure that you’re doing things the right way. Amanda Demanda – Representing Clients in Miami, FL can help you out in case you’d want someone to represent you for the personal injury case. Your employer will need to be notified as soon as you’re released on a return to work capacity. You’ll also need to make sure that you’re returning to work on the specified release date.

No Working Outside The Restrictions

Your employer and the insurance rep will need to have a copy of the work restrictions. It is also advisable that you have an extra copy with you when you return to work. Don’t go overboard with the hours when you’re supposed to. There are some employers that can be inconsiderate and you’ll need to make the supervisor aware of the work restrictions.

Return to Work Policy

The return to work policy is meant to provide a seamless transition for purposes and ensure that you’re getting back to full productivity in your former workplace. When there is a partial disability, it is important that you’re making the necessary arrangements with your employer as soon as it is possible to do so. The return to work policy should acknowledge that your employer understands the nature and severity of the injuries. There should be plans to provide the necessary accommodations to ensure that you’re not being inconvenienced.

Can You Be Fired?

It is possible that you can be fired after sustaining a work-related injury. Unless there was a contract, you might find that your previous work isn’t available when you recover. You might also need to get in touch with an attorney if you feel like the compensation being offered by the insurance company is not deserving of the injuries that you’ve sustained.